Sewing and Random...

You'd think sewing straight lines would be like boiling water.  Anyone can do it.  
But, that's not the case here.

I really LOVE sewing.  There is something SOOOO exciting about creating something and seeing the finished product {well most of the time when it actually turns out right}.  I'm trying to tone up my sewing skills so I can sit down and whip up things faster.  "Whip Up" are just not words in my normal vocabulary when describing doing anything quickly!  I tend to do projects more on the sloooooww side.  I like to claim it's because I'm detailed and too much of a perfectionist and not just "slow." :)

Maybe if I'm better, I'll do it more?  It seems I have to go pretty slow these days just to get a straight line, and if that continues to be the case I won't be sewing much most likely.  So, practice needs to make perfect {or to some extent at least} because I want to sew more.

I helped host a baby shower with our church a while back.  I made some"cloth diaper" burp cloths to hang on a line with some clothespins as party decor, while also being a gift {sorry, no action pics!}….nothing new, you see these everywhere!  So, I knew they had to be easy enough for me.

I thought they turned out cute.  I just forgot to center the fabric on the top one there.  
That's alright, it gives it character.

And speaking of character….this thing has lots of it!!!



This quilt is unreal.  I just can't imagine hand stitching that many little squares.

I was at my grandparents' and mom's last week and they have several old quilts.  This one they got from a late cousin a while back and is one of my favorites.  I was looking at all the details as Cole was playing on it.  It's ridiculous!!  Mamaw started telling me how they used to stitch the top layer and then lay the layers in these big box frames and when they were ready to stitch, they'd have quilting parties where all the ladies would come help stitch.  I asked, "what did you do with all the kids?"  {my all time question as I try to figure out how moms used to have time for things like this!} 
She said they sent them off with the men and they had their little party.  How fun?!!

I think Cole is checking out all the details here...

I'm sure he's pretty amazed himself with all those interesting patterns.

He is a cutie, I must say, but he will NEVER SMILE AT THE CAMERA!!

But, he smiles all the rest of the time!

When they weren't using the box frames, they would hang them up on the ceiling.  

Smart storage makes me smile.

I think I may need to start hanging things on our ceiling.  If I don't, I fear Matt is going to stop saaaaying "Let's just get rid of everything" and actually do it one day reeeeaaal soon.

We have pared down a LOT since living in this little house, but it still seems like we still have a ton of "stuff."  I do keep reminding him we have three little tornadoes that come through every day, maybe that is why things feel so crazy and chaotic around us!?

Anyway, it got me thinking since he just said those words again this week….if our house caught on fire or we lost everything, what would I want to start over with?  What would be special to me?  
A necessity?

And on the flip side for now, what things do I still have that I am really wasting my time taking care of?  cleaning? taking responsibility for?

What things am I holding on to that are taking up space or energy in my life,
but really serve no good purpose?

If we had a bigger space, these things probably wouldn't be an issue.  Yet, since we don't, I am forced to ask myself these questions…and I am glad to…although I may be hesitant to answer them.  
I am searching to see where my heart is…what it's attached to and why.

Oh, this small house has been such a blessing to us….tough in many ways, but such a blessing.

So….on another note….I'm awaiting a yummy package in the mail filled with Heather Bailey fabrics!!
Woo hoo!!  We got a great deal on them on cyber monday from fabric.com.
My mom and I are a making the girls quilts for Christmas {one side quilt, one side fleece - since Anna Jaymes and I tend to run for the same fleece blanket on cold days-now she'll have her own!}.  I was
excited this was something Matt agreed the girls could really use in this little house that freezes in the winter time {maybe I could hang it from the ceiling in the summer time? :)}…!  
I don't think we could have enough blankets in here!  especially quilts!

Next, I must learn to crochet again.  I did know how at one point in my life, then let it slide, I guess.
Yet, this pretty thing makes me want to learn how again…

{Dottie Angel via pinterest}

I guess I will be doing all this in all my ton of spare time.  Or I will wait for the day that I can sit down and do it with my girls as some quality time…because I'm certain they will love to crochet. :)


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