Miss Priss...

So, we crossed the road, both girls pushing their own strollers and me pushing Cole.  We got across the road and Adolyn hopped in stroller and just sat there, waiting for me to push her.  When I told her I couldn't because I had the big stroller, she got mad.

This is her mad face she likes to give us a lot….
{but it makes me smile}

I'm finally to that point where I am realizing I no longer have a toddler here, but she is a little girl…
She is getting so big.

No, we're not trying to start a new style of how to wear bows.  I threw a bow in Adolyn's hair to keep the hair out of her face {even though it was in a pony tail} and Anna Jaymes wanted one, too.  
Looks like a hat sitting on the side of her head. 

Funny thing is that this is how Matt sometimes fixes their hair….but hello, he is FIXING their hair.  So, I'm not going to complain.  Once, he showed up with them like this to a guy/girl wedding shower having dressed them and fixed their hair.  I just smiled…and maybe laughed.  But, it works.

Stopping to see the horses...

Little man Cole….

This little man is such a card.  A lot of the times when he falls on his back, he just lies there.  I know he can get up, but he chooses not to.  He'll just look around and chill for a minute….or several minutes.  Seriously, sometimes like 10 or 15 minutes.  

So, this time I laid down beside him and took some pictures.  He just looked at me, played along and laughed.  However, when I got up, he screeched like a girl….which is one of his things I can. not. stand.  That screeching just gets to me.  It's like fingernails down a chalk board.  It had died down for a while, but lately he's remembered how to do it again.  Hopefully, it will stop again soon.

Just chillin….

"Oh, what's this?  I'll just see if I can grab some toys without moving."  Lazy bum.

Finally, up and at 'em, chewing on my feet...

More photos to come soon!


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