Project 52:3

{I decided to "paint on" some pants for Adolyn in this picture, 
but she was indeed baring it all out in front of the fire!}

This is how I found Adolyn the other day.  She keeps it real, that's for sure.

So….maybe I like that it's wood burning because I'm not the one chopping the wood? 


So….that means I'm thankful, too for the others doing the chopping.

which gets me thinking...

and for Matt setting up the wood {which looks like a fort in the fireplace} the night before so it will be ready to go as soon as we get up,

which leads to a REALLY HOT fire by mid-day, YAY!

and for the tornadoes that brought these trees to the ground and made it easy for them to chop in the first place….which got them to chop a little here and there throughout the year and not wait 
until the last minute thus having to do it in the freezing cold….and thus having to come inside and 
warm up their tushies in front of the fire from being outside so long,

and for natural warmth that heats this not-so-well-insulated house that would cost a FORTUNE 
to heat with electricity.

One gift leads to another gift.

That's what happens when we truly start being thankful…..and thinking on God and all He does for us.

It's never-ending.

Before you know it, there truly is nothing to complain about.  Sure, there's hard times, but we can refrain from complaining and embrace His strength and endurance and joy and peace and comfort and the promise that He will work it out for good for those who love Him {Rom. 8:28}….

and we can do this by FAITH as we believe His promises.

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp truly is going to go down as one of the life-changing 
books I read.  That, of course, is what inspired me to make this Project 52 theme "Thankful"as I work
to build a new foundation of a thankful heart…which we are commanded to do all throughout scripture….but I must not have been paying attention or something when I read it a zillion times before.

From the warmth of fire to the miracle of His power in our weakest moments, 

let's praise Him and thank Him for His goodness today!

Hmmm…..and as I'm just ending this post, I hear the first sound outside the window of 
our neighbor chopping wood {he barters for rent}. 
It's a strong, deep, quick sounding blow to the wood.  Just like that, it's split and destroyed.  It only had to sit there in the right position for the chopper to throw the ax down upon it.

What a good mental picture for me today to put myself in the position for God to destroy my temptation to sin as He promises to ALWAYS provide a way out {1 Cor. 10:13}. He will, in a brief moment, if I will only let Him and believe….putting myself in the right place before Him….in humility and faith.

There again, another gift….a reminder, a good mental picture. :)



  1. Hello! I found you through the StyleBerry Blog link-up for Project 52. Love your theme of thankfulness. I'm about 3/4 finished with One Thousand Gifts, myself, and it is definitely changing my life and perspective more than I ever thought it could.

    Love the shot of your little one warming her little hiny! My daughter has that little PJ shirt, too (and thinks nakedness is absolutely hilarious). :)

  2. How adorably cute and funny! :)

  3. That is so hilarious! I just wanted to let you know that I posted a link to your post in my project 52 too :)


  4. Such a cute picture! I found you from Shawna's page. My Project 52 this week was about "remembering our angels" aka my grandparents. Let me know if you would like to link up!