Cheesecloth Curtains...

This may be the simplest project I ever post.  I wondered if it was even worth posting anything at all…except to show you my steal of a deal….but, then, I figured I could at least show how I reinforced the sewing on this dainty fabric.

I don't even remember when I got this material!  I know it was at least a year ago because I took these pictures right after I got my 50mm 1.8 lens.  I couldn't get a good full length shot of the curtains with this lens, but I was determined to play around and test out the new lens and the lighting.  So, this is what I ended up with…

This is just cheesecloth material. {tied-in an odd shaped bow I'm seeing now-with some random string I found in my craft box} I got 100 yards for 50 cents a yard on ebay {including shipping}.  Score!  That was more than enough to make curtains for my whole house and all the cheese I could ever want to make! Not that I was planning on making cheese, and that's clearly a lie anyway because I could never have enough cheese…but it gets the point across.

I love the dainty flow of this material and how it lets in a ton of light, but still offers sort of enough privacy for a house in the middle of the country…until you move a camper and a young couple 15 feet from your bedroom window.  Oh well….at least there are still blinds in the window.   

However, in the kids' room, it isn't the best idea if you want them to actually nap during the day…at least not for mine.  So, I found two cheap, light beige blackout curtains {that sort of black out} at Dirt Cheap and a double hanging rod from walmart and hung the curtains behind the cheesecloth, but tied them together with the same tie.

Cheesecloth can offer two different looks I discovered after Anna Jaymes splattered a cup of chocolate milk on one and forced me to wash it.  Well, I didn't iron it before hanging it back up {ironing usually doesn't occur to me!}.  It has more of a shriveled up look to which you would probably need to use more material for one window if that's how you want to leave it.  The straight fresh cut, pre-washed fabric has a clean straight hanging look as you can see in the photo above.  You can achieve this by ironing the washed fabric as well.  I really don't mind either one.  I like them both.  I just didn't wash the material before hanging it originally a year ago.  Less material can cover a little bit more space this way.  

It would also make some cute cafe curtains for the bottom half of the windows in the kitchen like the ones here from Carol Spinski via The Lettered Cottage.  {maybe one day} Back when I saw that post, I emailed Carol to see if that was cheesecloth, and yes it is…a tightly woven cheesecloth!  I wanted to make sure I was on the right track of a gauze-like fabric for the look I wanted.  I'm not sure if you can even tell a difference, but her curtains look like the "washed and shriveled up look" I'm referring to….very pretty.

So….I also have this hanging in our bedroom from a really high curtain rod.  They are just for looks, I guess since I have yet to hang the extra blackout curtain in there.  The days of sleeping in past daylight are pretty much long gone from that room anyway.  I can only dream of it. 

My mom helped me in the assembly line we had going to make these curtains.  I cut about 4-6 pieces of material for each window.  So, I would cut, fold over the top tab, iron on the no-sew hemming tape, and my mom would sew one line across the tape for reinforcement.  What a genius thing to do!?  I'm sure you would have never thought of doing that if you hadn't heard it from here. :)  At first, I had hoped I could just make the curtains with the no-sew ironing tape….

...but it wouldn't have been strong enough for little kiddos pulling on it.  However, just sewing it didn't seem like enough either for the same reason.  So, we did both.  I can't help it that we are so smart. 

I think I was out of white thread at the time and used some light beige thread….you can't tell when it's gathered and so high in the window.

I still have tons of the fabric left and hope to finish making curtains at some point….and whatever other fun stuff I can do with it.  oooh...I'm helping decorate for a bridal shower next month, so maybe I can pull out the stash for it.  pretty pretty.


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  1. I thought I wonder if anyone has ever used cheesecloth for curtain. I googled it & lo and behold you had. They are perfect!