Doilies wrapping paper...

My procrastination tendencies in busy seasons {or any other good ole time} often force me into a bit of creativity…or throwing something together at the last minute…or both.

At Christmas, I had a couple of Dirty Santa gifts I needed to wrap and didn't have any bows or ribbon.  I didn't want to waste my time making something pretty just to get it smashed in the long car ride to the party either.  So, I looked around and discovered doilies!  Doilies have become quite popular among the shabby and chic lately.  I think I had these left over from Anna Jaymes' birthday party where I glued round pictures onto round pieces of scrapbook paper, then onto the doilies and then onto square pieces of burlap for a little birthday banner.

Anyway, I thought these would be good for the place of a "bow" and even for a name tag. You could just scribble something right there on the top with a pencil or colored pencil and it would be pretty!  Since these were for Dirty Santa, I didn't need to write anything on them, however.  I thought it was pretty obvious these were "girl" gifts and surely a guy wouldn't pick them….unless it was my hubby because we play as a team…always.  Dirty Santa is only the best when you are a tag team. Plus, I usually pick my own gifts, which is something I know I want, unless I see something else fabulous already unwrapped. I know…I'm no fun.  Can't take any chances though.  These were Anthropologie bowls, so there were especially no chances being taken this time.  Things like that only get splurged on for games like this, not for myself usually. 

I liked this idea because it can be used year round for whatever holiday, birthday or celebration…endless possibilities.
I then found some string and lace I had that could stand up to a lot of smashing in the car.  In case you haven't seen our car packed for long - or even short - road trips, you have no idea the cramming we can do in an Explorer.  Packages would be destroyed…and those wrapped in flimsy wrapping paper were.
My sister likes to lovingly refer to us as the Beverly Hillbillies.
We would be the ones driving down the highway in a little car with a freezer strapped on top.
You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

Anyway, that is not the point.
For the first one, I just layered the doily on top of some brown craft paper 
and tied the string around and secured it with the lace bow.  
Easy peasy.
and if you really want to recycle, you could use a brown paper grocery bag or whatever material you had lying around.

For the next one, I layered three doilies...one on each of the sides that overlapped the top of the package, and then one layered over the top of the two.  I glued these on using spray adhesive {one of my crafting must-haves…I use it all the time…but it is stiiiicky!  So be aware before your first use.}

I then just tied a string around the whole box and then secured it with a group of lace 
for the bow that would be okay lying flat.

Again, easy peasy!

{some of the edges of the doily didn't get enough adhesive on them to make all the edges stick, but that's ok!  It would be an easy fix if you want it perfect…but I surely didn't have time for that!
I'm learning to just let it go!}

Finally, I had a loaf of bread {not from the new grain mill, but a loaf of yummy sourdough bread}
with a book to give as a gift.  With a good ole red, plaid, country bow I found in my stash, I layered on a doily and wrote a note and left this for my friend/neighbor. 

Easy quick fix and good gift combo if you ask me!  She texted me saying she was enjoying her treats…a yummy piece of bread in hand while reading her new book.

Here's some other pretty wrapping with doilies!


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