Project 52:4

I obviously have a hard time narrowing this project down to one picture a week.  
I prefer photojournalism, I guess. 

These pics are from our vacation in MO.  I just kept thinking about this picture of Adolyn climbing the wall with her daddy helping her….although she basically did it by herself.

Well, you know Adolyn isn't the safest person around and tends to be a little clumsy….to put it nicely.

I really don't understand.  It's even when things are out of her control that she still gets hurt.  
Maybe at least one day she will be tough….if she endures through it all!
With a sister like Anna Jaymes {who has to hear the reminder "gentle!" countless times a day!}, 
she's going to have to be tough.

I would catch myself {and still do, sometimes} all the time saying "Aaaadolyyyyyn!" in the tone of 
"ooohhh noooo! what now?!" It wasn't mean, just not encouraging….especially to a little child who is trying to learn the ropes of life.  

Anyway, like any good parent, we try to find the "little hills" in life that we know she can conquer to help build her spirit and determination.  It's priceless to see her excitement when she succeeds. 

The girls like to try to climb the big rock wall at school.  Sometimes they get scared and only want to go a little ways.  Sometimes, they freak out before they are even on the wall….like when the girl is putting the harnesses on them.  Then, they freak her out because they just run off scared!  

Over vacation whenever they would see a rock wall, they would want to climb it….the perfect little wall for them to learn on.  Adolyn can master the little fake rock walls on the playgrounds now, too….
all perfect ways to prepare them for the giant rock wall!

This is, of course how God is with His children, thankfully!  He prepares us along the way and teaches us in little circumstances {if we will pay attention and learn from them!} 
to prepare us for the bigger trials we will face one day.  So glad He is sovereign and all-knowing and knows what we WILL face and the perseverance we will need! I guess the thought of that makes me even more thankful for the small trials we face every day.  



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