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About three years ago, while we still lived in St. Petersburg, a lady from church gave me an audio of Sue Becker teaching why milling our own grains is so beneficial and tying it all together biblically.  I remember talking about health and nutrition with this lady on a women's retreat, but I don't really remember much of what we discussed.  I just remember her giving me the c.d. sometime after that…that I never listened to. oops.

Well, since then, it has been a long journey of convictions, eye-openings, prayers, and finally me actually studying the bible about any food and drink mentioned and how God really wants us to take care of our bodies….and not just for losing weight or anything like that.  While that is possibly part of it, the motive is not to just "look healthy" or count calories.  You can be skinny, but not really healthy, of course! The motives are to do my part to take care of this one body He has given me, to honor the body HE lives in within me, to be the healthiest I can be so I can minister to others and have the ability to take care of my family and children, and ultimately to glorify Him in all I eat and drink.  I know He is sovereign and this is not going to totally prevent anything bad from happening to me, but at least I can do my part.  Plus, as far as taking care of my body, I've already hurt my back before and both of my parents have had spinal difficulties.  I've known this, and I need to get more intentional about exercising to strengthen my muscles for good caution.

Anyway, our family has been slowly striving to eat better and more of the God-intended whole foods He gave us and less of the processed stuff man has so "brilliantly" come up with.  But, let me interject here - If I could find a way to make a whole wheat cake that tastes like white wedding cake - and that's not too likely, I would be set.  Wedding cake tastes brilliant, but is not so brilliant in actuality, as I'm sure you know.  If not, I will be forced to make the splurge at least a few more times in my life. 

Ok, so in the past year or so, I've had several people come into my life who have encouraged this and taught me more than I could imagine. There are so many "health experts" out there, it is overwhelming to know who to believe and follow.  So, as I've prayed for God to lead me in the best way for us, these people have come into my life and there has been a common theme between all of them in which all of it goes back to "traditional eating."  Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon has been one of those common things between some of them, and it has offered some pretty cool insights.  She is not your mainstream dietician…she's pretty much against what most American experts say {although I think there are increasing numbers of experts who do agree with her}….like raw milk, when most people in the U.S. obviously opt for the "safer" route of of pasteurized and homogenized milk, she, among many others opt for the many health benefits from raw dairy products.  I have to agree with most of what she says {not necessarily all of it, like always!} mainly because it just makes sense and some of it actually had been convictions of my own before. It agrees with a lot of things I've found in the Bible.  My unprofessional opinion is that yes, traditional eating…as in farm-like eating: meats, raw dairy {even real butter!}, whole grains, and vegetables….makes most sense to me, and we'd probably be pretty healthy if we stayed active and ate like this - in GOOD portions and left off a lot of the sweets and sugars - a big weakness!

Ok, I'm not going to give a health and fitness lesson here because you would laugh.  I hardly know squat.  {But, maybe I will get my friend, Vanita to one day! Her brain is loaded with all kinds of fun information!}  I'm just telling you the order of events for getting my grain mill.

{However, I can refer you to one of the most helpful blogs I've come across…Keeper of the Home.  GREAT blog and very  resourceful!}

The best part of this health journey….Matt is on board with this like I never imagined!  I do love that man.  He makes life easier for me in countless ways.  He switched to whole grains a long time ago and he's setting the example of eating all of his veggies like I can't believe!  I mean, he's liked vegetables, but not necessarily cooked like this or some of these new ones as we are welcoming more variety to our kitchen. This definitely makes it easier.  He says it's part of living out truth.  All Truth is not just in the Bible.  Truth is also facts that we know and can prove, obviously.  Despite what we are used to, we need to eat what we know to be beneficial and God-intended. We need to let the Truth of eating or drinking what is best for us dictate what we do instead of eating what we feel like.  

I feel like for so long, we have been eating in ignorance, not knowing the extent of what we were doing….and just ignoring it, really.  I'm not playing stupid, of course, it's easy to know we need to eat more veggies and less sweets, but overall we didn't know the extent of how unhealthy we've really been.  We didn't know the many ailments and illnesses that could be helped just by eating better and more intentionally…not that we've been faced with them yet, but possibly in the future with these quickly aging bodies!  Our culture turns to medicine so quickly to be a fix, when in reality, we could probably prevent most of this stuff just by eating right in the first place.

These changes we're making is mostly inside our own home.  We are faced with so many other options of eating while out with college kids, at the church, friends or family, or all kinds of other events, that we feel if we can strive to eat healthy at least at home, it will be a huge success.  We can still strive to make better choices when faced with those other circumstances, we just need to learn a healthy balance.

Ok, so back to that audio.  There had been some different things Matt and I had been praying about buying recently.  After I finally dug out the c.d. and listened to it {which is Awesome!!}, I felt sure the grain mill was to move to priority on our list, but we weren't sure what money to use for it.  I was ready to pull it out of our budget or savings or whatever.  But, that money wasn't really designated for that in our minds.  So, we just sort of waited a little bit and prayed.  Then, in one weekend, unexpectedly Matt had two random jobs where he made $260.  The grain mill totaled $259.95.  So, there you go.  We took that as confirmation and bought the mill.  I wanted to order it from The Bread Beckers because I felt she was the one who educated me and earned it from me, and that was the price.  Pretty cool. :)

So, I am really thankful for the new grain meal and the new road it is leading us on.  I wasn't planning on this long spill on living healthy, but there you go! :)


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  1. Good luck on your journey to eating healthier! That bread mill seems like a great start. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Great post:) I am trying to cook everything from scratch . I love your style and blog:) looking forward to linking up again