Project 52:7

Cole trying to scribble while fighting the urge to eat the chalk…then he turns and WALKS to me and decides to finally eat the chalk.  No worries, I didn't let him.

So….yes, the baby is walking.  Our baby is turning into a toddler.


I don't know what I would do without my hope in Christ.  Seriously….I don't understand how people make it through life without it.  I can't say how non-christians make it without it because even sometimes we, christians don't focus on the hope we have in Christ.  We, myself included, attempt to find joy, strength, value, perseverance, etc. in other things and not in Christ.  Yet, as I've been reading lately in One Thousand Gifts {sorry, I'm not going to shut up about this book any time soon!}, I've been catching myself saying "It's all good!"  She says "All is grace."  

You know when people say
"It's all goooood."

Can you hear the slang?

Ok, so I'm bringing this back to my repertoire of sayings and confirmations.  
I can't allow myself to believe anything else.  

Jesus Christ makes everything good!  Well, for those who love Him and obey Him {Rom. 8:28}.  I feel  like that kind of sounds arrogant to say, but it's the Truth, so I can't help it!

I've just been realizing this all this week as I've been praying a lot and seeking what to even pray in the first place as we've been surrounded by cancer, death, more cancer and so on.  I'd lay my desires before the Lord for healing and comfort for those involved.  Yet, as I'd think about the other options God could choose versus healing, I knew He would work it as good for this specific christian family fighting cancer.  I knew either way, somehow in God's own wisdom it would be good.

I've just been overwhelmed with the importance of Hope in Him.  I'm so thankful for it.  I'm so thankful my life is in His hands….this temporary life on earth and for life eternal with Him.

He can use it all for our good.  The good, the bad, the hurt, the rejoicing, the success, the failures, the inconveniences, the life, the death….everything!  It IS all grace! 

If this time on earth is to love and serve Him and to become more like Him, won't He use it all for that? To draw us closer to Him, to depend on Him, to trust Him, to love Him, to honor Him?

I can tell already that if I can remember this, there will always be contentment, joy, happiness, trust, and loyalty to Him.
{yes, not just joy, but even happiness when we really understand what should be making us happy! that could be a whole other post!}

So, that is what I'm most thankful for this week and praying that I can always remember.


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  1. Hope is so important and a daily thought in my mind, especially my hopes and dreams for our daughter. Such a nice post, especially since it's the first week of Lent!