Well, since I didn't write much in the past year, I have lots of projects to share!  Here's a glimpse of part of the lineup:

The goal is at least one project per week.

I know there are awesome projects posted on too many blogs to name and all over pinterest these days.  These projects of mine aren't anything really new, but hopefully they can encourage someone somehow because they are all pretty much me:

 using what I have on hand or have picked up over the years for really cheap {or free!},
 shopping for new stuff with only great deals,
 keeping it simple by not being a perfectionist {which is hard!},
 not using too much time, energy and money on things in my home, 
 learning to be creative by "just doing it."  Just get started and let it come to you!

I do think God gave us a desire for beauty, but like in all things we can take it too far….obviously our culture is focused on it in every area of our lives and it's overwhelming. Decorating is definitely one of those areas!  I'm learning how to keep it simple and not make it more important than it is.  When we moved in to this house, I had all the little ideas and "rules" in my head that I heard or read from decorators, magazines and t.v. home shows.  Well, I learned the hard way ~ after living in this little house for a year or so ~ that those things were not going to work here.  I threw it all out and just started doing what worked for me, what appealed to me, and what made our home more efficient.  Yes, there's a random shelf hanging on the wall that looks weird because I haven't put anything under it yet, but it works. It freed up a whole desk of which I really needed the space!  I started putting things out and together based on what "I" liked or what was good for our home and family and not based on how I thought it should look.  Maybe it was just me.  Maybe I've just been vain, and no one else thinks this way, ha!  

Anyway, I'm not sure what I'm saying here….just thinking about the projects and how they've evolved over the past few years.  Don't get me wrong, I do love pinterest and sharing and getting ideas from others.  I just think when we feel we need to have our homes a certain way ~ like what's going to look best to everyone else or what someone else said is going to look/be best for me ~ we start falling into lots of traps….where we aren't free to be ourselves or use our own creativity to name a couple.

Alright, that's enough randomness for now.  

Projects to come soon!

Oh!  and yet, another laundry room makeover….
{basically due to everything I just explained}



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