Project 52:10

It was interesting, to say the least, to watch how all three kids interacted with the frogs.  Anna Jaymes jumped right in wanting to pick it up and play with it until it about died.  Adolyn wanted to sit back and watch it and only touch it with her tiny little finger poking out.  Cole just yelled at it for a while, then finally kept grabbing at it and punching its fat belly….all very entertaining for myself, I must say.

I love watching and learning their personalities…..and, I love putting all work aside for a while to watch them loving and experiencing their silly joys in life.  I can so easily get caught up in my work around the house, but if I do, I will miss these years in a second.  I do want to be a part of these silly joys…even if it means getting peed on.  I don't want to miss these sweet times.  

So much lately, my heart has been full as I've watched all three of these children interact.  They love one another.  They do act selfishly and fight…a good bit, but they still love to play together.  They are learning to play kindly….slowly, but surely….hopefully.  

It's just such a blessing to have these light hearted moments in the day amidst all the craziness of having lots of littles to care for.  It's been hard.  But, it's getting easier to juggle and handle everything, and it's all just getting more entertaining.  And that, I'm truly thankful for!  The laughs make it better for sure.

{Hopefully, I'll get up more cute pictures from this frog frenzy soon….and Cole's mud bath from the other day.  He's already staked his claim as a country boy….he can't get enough of the outdoors already.}


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  1. I would be totally freaking out because I HATE bugs and frogs. Yuck. Hahaha. I love the picture of him poking the frog.

  2. Haha! Oh- my kids would LOVE a frog to play with for an afternoon!

    I will link up since I'm following you here anyway:) www.christinasproject52.blogspot.com

    ps. I love your photography!

  3. Thanks! I added your link this week. Love your pictures, too!