Project 52:11

This is why I missed my Project 52 last week!  I got to spend some time with some great ladies decorating and preparing for two weekend events, a bridal shower and a senior tea.  It was a little tiring, but it was fun!  It was a challenge to transform a cold, sterile fellowship hall into a warm, inviting afternoon tea….but I think we succeeded!

Seriously….we could not have done it without every one pooling together their time, energy, love, hard work and resources.  Our church body is great about working together, cooking and serving when needed.  I really have learned a lot from watching this over the last few years.  Ladies being called on all the time to cook food for the sick, new moms, parties, college kids, fundraisers, just all kinds of events…and they always deliver amazing service and foods!  It is seriously a great ministry.

I also realized that we bond so much more and have real fellowship while serving together….probably more than you could over some little fun event.  Not that those are bad, but I think the Lord just blesses us as we serve.  

So….recognize that headband?  The one that Anna Jaymes wouldn't wear in the wedding?  Well, we put it to good use sitting pretty on a jar of vintage jewels.  And that stack of books?  Definitely copied it from Pinterest.  We changed the words out to "congrats" for the senior tea.  And those slip-covered chairs?  Table cloths covered with long tulle…because the cushiony red chairs just didn't fit with the theme.

So, I'm just getting caught up with things around the house and tomorrow we are doing a Traditional Cooking/Nutrition class with my friend, Vanita at my house.  Hope to make some time to share what we learn and post some resources really soon!

OOOH!  And Cole turned ONE year old this past week!  No more baby…all toddler nowadays.  So, I'll be picking out my favorite pictures from his first year for his party coming up {waiting till family is in town}.  Always fun going through the pics….and cleaning up the computer.


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  1. Beautiful!! That is truly amazing!! After unpacking all the stuff and listening to you describe how ya'll had decorated, I had pictured it in my mind. But have to admit - what I invisioned fell way short of the actual thing, this is just simply beautiful!!