Project 52:14

{One thing I hate to see in pictures is the bottom of shoes…especially when they are as dirty as Adolyn's!!  I usually try to avoid this, but sometimes I don't realize it until it's too late.}

It was so nice to swing for so long with all of my kiddos!  Laundry got backed up a little, but that's ok!  They were each sort of playing on the swing and of course, we had some ponies and little toys that kept us busy, but it was such sweet quality time.  When things started getting a little crazy, we got out some blankets and library books to read….nice until all Cole wanted to do was stand on the books we were attempting to read and yell "Da!!" The girls have always put him into the role of attacking monster, and he continues to play it well even when they don't want it.

Then we decided to try for a little picnic outside.  Sometimes this can be a bit crazy with Cole out of a high chair.  It wasn't bad until he wanted to be on top of the egg salad.

And for a few more pics…this is Anna Jaymes' real personality…very dramatic, I would say...

I have been really questioning how to spend our days and what activities to do.  With Anna Jaymes getting older, I try to be more intentional…especially since she will be starting some homeschool preschool stuff next year and will need a little more structure.  But, I continue to face the questions of how much work to do while the kids are awake, how much to ask them or let them do with me {even though whether they are really helping or not doesn't matter}, how much time to read with them, how much play time they need - alone or with me, how much video time, how much work I should do while they nap {when really I need that for down time easy work so I can actually get some rest!}, and yada yada yada.

Large Family Logistics has been a great help with many ideas, but I still have so many questions and  wish I could just shadow like 10 other moms for a week.

I'm a firm believer that I want to start my children out young learning to help with tasks and chores and serving one another…learning a good work ethic, being a good home-maker, etc.  I don't want their whole lives to be play, entertainment and even just school {I personally think schooling should be just as much about real life as the text books, if not more!}.  I don't want my life to be surrounded around them doing what they want to do. That's not healthy. I do want tons of quality time and to be doing things to build relationships, but not just in play with them or entertaining them.  I know this is what most of us moms would all say, but when I sit back and really look at our days, I question how much I'm just giving in to what they want to do and how much I'm really training and preparing them for the rest of their lives. And, yes, of course, I do want to just enjoy this time of their lives, but not in a way that doesn't consider the long term effects of everything I'm doing with them right now.

I personally think that if they are old enough to understand and be able to do something for themselves or a certain chore, then it's time for me to stop doing it for them {for the most part}. I do want to be a mom who loves and serves my children, but not in a way that I cripple them and do everything for them….wearing myself out and keeping them from learning for themselves and serving the family as a whole. 

I want them to be involved in the work I have to do, and I want it to be fun for them. Hmm, as much as it can be, I guess.  I don't want all of my work to get done while they are away at activities or napping so they never see the reality of life growing up.   Back in the day, when moms had no choice but to work the majority of their time for food and clothing, what do we think the kids did?  Do we think it's like today when the mom's life is all about the kids or when the kids spend all their time playing or being entertained?  Uh, no.  I would think that if the mom's life was all about the kids in a good way, the kids were probably helping the mom and spending time doing what she was doing and playing some for the most part….and enjoying those laid back times swinging!

Am I totally off?  All these ramblings in my mind as I guide our days.  I know there's no one certain formula.  I know my life needs to be Spirit led.  I know some of our modern day conveniences can allow for better time with children.  But, too many conveniences that aren't really best, is not good.  I know only God knows each individual child of mine and what they each need to learn and when.  

Any thoughts? suggestions? recommendations? Anyone care to share? :)


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  1. This is a perfect picture! Blow it up huge! I didn't even notice the bottom of her shoes until you mentioned them. I was busy looking at their little angel faces. This one is priceless for sure! :)

  2. I struggle with the same thing every day. And it's even more magnified because I have to work right now (4 days a week), so I'm more inclined to let my "mommy guilt" dictate time with Emery, as opposed to wisdom and prayerful insight. It's a constant struggle and I very much appreciate your insight in this post, as it has me thinking about my choices on certain things (like when to clean, involving her more, etc).

    1. Thanks Courtney for sharing! Great to hear from you again…praying for insight instead of guilt for you. :)

  3. This is Courtney from college, by the way:)