Window Picture Frame

I knew it was a gamble claiming I would do a project post every week!

What is this, the second one in a month or two?

Anyway, this is my window picture frame that's been 3 years in waiting.  I took this picture of Anna Jaymes with my film camera!

I actually had another single pane window frame for this picture, but the cat broke it.  So, I thought this double pane window would be good with a blank bottom frame that you could use for different things.  

I have the frame sitting on the girls' mantle in their room, so I like it just showing fabric and then I can lean another frame against part of it or set something else in front of part of it.

You could use a smaller print fabric for this and use it as a dry erase, tape {with pretty tape} pictures, keepsakes or notes on it….or whatever you could think of.

I had picked out this Amy Butler fabric to match the colors in the picture three years ago.  I'm not sure I would have picked out the same thing again, but it's pretty and it works!

I didn't take step by step pictures, and I didn't make a tutorial.  It's pretty simple enough!

Here's the steps I took…as best as I can remember!
{there's a reason this blog doesn't have tutorials!!}

I used spray adhesive to put the picture on the fabric.
Then, I used a staple gun to pull the fabric tight and attach to the back of the frame.
Then, I got out my little stash of lace and trims {score from an estate sale!} and used my hot glue gun to glue the trim to the top of the glass around the picture.  The picture looked like it was just floating around, so it needed some trim.

I also put some trim at the bottom of the bottom pane.

I think I only hot glued it at the corners and the middle of each side of the picture.

Although I do love Dottie Angel, and she makes all things granny look awesome, this looks a little more "granny style" than I intended, but I still like it.  If I had meant it for that look, it would have been cute with a vintage floral pattern. 

I rea


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  1. Nice creation. I love it. I would like to suggest you that in this blank part you can put another image of Anna Jaymes when she gets older. I also have a this kind of frame for my son.
    Reference: http://www.wallspace.co.uk/photo-frames.html