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After writing my last post for Project 52 about my dilemma on how to spend my time with my children and what and how to be teaching them for my ultimate goals in their lives, I read

this article by Michael Pearl the next day.

It doesn't reflect everything I mentioned, but I thought it was right on target with some of the goals we have for our children…although I struggle working towards them every day, wondering if I'm being too strict or too old-school {not that others would necessarily think I'm too strict, they probably think my kids are crazy!}, and just wanting to give in to what they want or don't want to do…especially when it's easier.

I think it's encouraging to see what capabilities other parents have expected and then have actually seen fulfilled in their kids…in a positive way, of course.  Half of the time, I just don't really know what to expect of them myself.  The article was a good little push for me to get disciplined myself with my own convictions of how I see to teach and raise my kids and to not give up when it gets tough….like when it's just easier to do it all myself instead of getting toddlers to clean up their own mess.  That may be easier now, but what does it produce in the long run?  It may be easier to do all the work myself and not take the time to teach them now at a young age how to serve and work as a family and team.  It may be easier to just let them play or be entertained and get used to a lifestyle of entertainment while so young and then decide to teach them to work later on in life when they are more capable….or expect them to do it when they get out on their own.  Yet, I don't really think that would be easier….maybe now, but it would be harder then….and meanwhile, what would it produce?  An exhausted mom and self-centered children, most likely.

So…..in line with dirty mr. cole here….I want to not be scared to get my hands dirty when things get really tough!

I want to roll up my sleeves and get ready for the hard, dirty stuff of parenting, knowing that it produces the greatest results…..if only I can do it the right way! I hate sounding like a Nazi mom.  I want to do it all in love, gentleness and patience.  Only in the Spirit can I do it…and even know what that right way for my kids is…the way that will encourage each of them in the unique personality they each have and with the special gifts and talents God has given each of them. This takes a lot of prayer and Godly insight….what I need and want to be getting more of.

Did that even just make sense?  I really just liked that picture {because he is such a boy, and I love it} and thought it sort of went along with my idea.

He was so into being in the mud, he wouldn't even hardly look at me for pictures.  
Oooooh.…I could roll him up and squeeze him…...mud and all.

Anyway, the article was in the No Greater Joy newsletter, but you can read it online in the link above.  My usual disclaimer….I do not necessarily agree on every point he makes, but for the most part, I do.  I always laugh at their straightforward - no beating around the bush tactics, and well, sometimes we just need to hear how it is.  It may have been another article by Debi in the newsletter that got me thinking that, I can't remember.

I thought it was a good article and since it went along with what I just posted, I thought I'd share it with you!  Hope you can read it and that it's encourages you, as well.


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