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…..aaaaand, get sun poisoning.  I wondered if that was even a real thing!  I was so careful about us not getting burned the whole week, and this last day I think I underestimated how much time I was going to be in the sun.  I wasn't even really burnt, but I had a horrible rash on half of my exposed skin for at least a day or so…thankfully, not on my face. :)  What in the world causes that?!  That has never happened to me before.

Anyway, of course I was reading Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts.  Still chugging along with this book!  This is why I can't do book clubs…I can hardly ever read a book in a month.  I even read some of these chapters twice to really let some of it sink in.  The quote at the beginning of the chapter was pretty much perfect for my setting, I'd say.

We are really so blessed to get the chance to enjoy God's beautiful, beautiful creation. The vastness of the seas and skies, the number of grains of sand, the millions of shells, all the unknown under the sea….I just can't wrap my mind around it all.  

Yet, He can.  He knows it all.  He created it.  He controls it.  He delights in it….and He delights when I take the time to delight in it, too.  

When I enjoy what He created for me to enjoy….why can't I do this all the time?  Why can't I have the eyes to see Him and His purpose in all things good He has given me?  Why can't I take the time to always enjoy Him and the lot He has given me in life?

I am learning more and more to let His beauty speak to me about Himself, and learning to see what is truly beautiful and that all good is from Him, and it is all beautiful…but I am having to learn what all that "good" is.  The beautiful creation is easier to recognize.  I don't always see all His good as good.  Therefore, I don't see to delight in it.  I don't see to give thanks, especially for the hard good.  I don't see in a way that I can always enjoy my lot….my every day….my blessings.

This book is definitely teaching me this.  Yet, also…..we read Ecclesiastes this week and discussed it every day.  Such an odd and fun book to read….one you shouldn't read out of context!   {The guys had much fun with reading random verses alone.} Such a perfect one for me as I'm trying to learn this amazing lesson.  I think it interesting that the main thing the man gifted with the most wisdom in this world had to tell us, was to enjoy the work and lot in life God has given you. He tells us to enjoy life.  Everything else is vanity.  Of course, the way you do that, He says is to fear God, love Him and obey Him.  That says a whole lot more than it seems and encompasses a lot of things in our hearts as we love Him.   Nevertheless, it all should lead us to enjoying ~ being glad in ~ delighting in ~ everything in Him. 

Ooooh, I am the most guilty of not doing this.  

I pray for new eyes….new strength to walk in His Spirit….to sow to the Spirit….new humility to see Him in all circumstances, instead of seeing myself….to be thankful and rejoice in Him always.

Only in His grace is it possible.

~ Oh how nice it is to be able to take the time to retreat and read and think. ~

"Be glad in the Lord, you righteous ones, 
And give thanks to His Holy name."
Psalm 97:12


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