Project 52:17

Obviously, this Project 52 is going to take me more like two years instead of one at the rate I'm going.  Sadly, I have not had my camera out in so long.  Matt has had it a lot for baseball, and I think I've just gotten out of the habit.  Thankfully, my phone can take it's place pretty well most days.

We've been trying to be more consistent at routines, and one routine is cleaning up after meals….ALL together.  It helps so much to have everyone doing a task and putting in some sort of effort instead of people running around the house making everything else a mess while I'm trying to straighten it!  Although sometimes it was fine when their dad would take them for baths, it's still nice to know that we are learning to work together and that everyone needs to pitch in some effort.

Adolyn makes one wipe across the table, only to whine "it's too haaaaard."  Cole just gets his body and everything else around him soaked, but that's ok! One day it will pay off.   Anna Jaymes is actually a help, and seems to not mind it, and possibly actually enjoys it.  She's becoming a good little sweeper!

Hopefully, these routines will last, and one day I will be super thankful.


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