How do you say hello....

How do you say hello to your blog after being gone 6 months?

I don't know.  So, here's my excuses in a nutshell.

I got pregnant.
We started packing.
We bought a house.
We DIY'd a lot of it. (what were we thinking?)
We moved.
We DIY'd more of it.
Summer ended, we started up with Phase 2 again.
We kept DIY'ing all fall. (seriously now, and we thought we'd get it done in a couple of months...not sure we figured in having children)
We had another child over Christmas holidays. JOY!
and, now we are still DIY'ing and having fun as a family of 6….seriously - FUN!
Craziness, but fun.  :)

Whew!  Are you tired from just reading that?  I am.

Yet, somehow, I'm blogging again.

Anyways, I am a woman of details, so here's a bigger nut shell with a few more details...

Last spring, we started asking God to show us when we would move from our little farm house we were renting.  We wondered if our stay would be short term or long term from there on out.  I was asking very specific questions for Him to answer….and He started giving real specific answers.
That same month, we found out, in a nice way, that if we had any more children, we would need to move {understandably so, even though we were ready and willing to settle in there if that's what God had in mind}. 
This brought joy and tears....but good to know, before the fact, since we figured we'd probably have another child at some point soon.

Little did we know, we were already pregnant...that next week, the two little pink lines told us we'd be moving sooner than later! :)

So, one exhausted pregnant lady with three little kiddos….needless to say, blogging was not on my priority list….although it would've been a great year to document.  I wish I had.

We didn't know if we would need to move the summer before or the summer after having the baby. We had different ideas for each scenario...like building a house from shipping containers if it was after.  {Weird, but cool!}  We soon found out that it would be before the baby.  So, that meant - get to packing and shopping for houses now!

Through much prayer and seeking in His Word, we decided on buying a little fixer upper farm house right down the road from where we lived.  That is a whole other post in itself that hopefully I will get to write some day.....the decision process...God just uses every little circumstance to teach us -if we let Him- and I love all the little ways He has blessed us in this journey.

This is part of our view out the front window!   A sweet little old school house....which looks even more fun on a random snowy day.
{next to it is a small volunteer fire station, but it obviously wouldn't be as lovely in the picture}

Actually, thinking of our surroundings outside and the randomness of them is a little interesting.  A fire house, an old school house, a cemetery, a huge field with an old red barn, a giant power line, and then our land with an old barn and woods.
Some of it isn't that appealing, yet neat in their own ways.

I'm gathering up some pictures of the house now and hope to show some before and afters and some pics in the process....since we are still majorly in the process!

This is a sneak peak from when we were working this summer with some awesome help! 3 layers of linoleum is not a lovely thing.


And here's some pics of the new little bambino!

~~Meet Lucy Jayne Jolley~~

{picked by our 3 year old because of her obsession with Queen Lucy of Narnia. :) After being in the hospital for two days and still not being at peace with any other name, I gave into her coercing of her favorite name.}

{named after one of my grandmothers}

in the hospital with some chubby everything...

at home...

Ok, maybe one day I can get her with her eyes open!

and I've obviously been using my phone and instagram more than my camera lately.  things are slowly changing. :)


Now, I am fully determined to finish my project 52.  Maybe I should give it a new name.  
I'm still working on perfecting the habit of giving thanks. Any and all accountability helps.   Maybe "Project Thanks."  

We shall see. :)

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