Anna Jaymes...

Anna Jaymes....

my little "mini me."
{except for the long skinny legs...not so much me.}

she is one emotional little gal, just like her momma.

and just like most qualities, it can be her greatest strength or it can be her fiercest weakness.
It can be a hard day when both of us are letting our weaknesses win. 

The verse that stands out to me lately...

"Love never fails."
{1 Corinthians 13:8}

So simple.  Easy enough to remember in the midst of flailing emotions....if I can stop to remember it.

It makes me think of 1,000 Gifts {Ann Voskamp} and how she said that "God's way is always better."

His way always wins.  Love never fails.

whether it's the action of love, the gift of love, the emotion of love.  It never fails.

Usually, you can see the fruit that love has won....their anger that fades when you love and not yell. their frustrations that subside when you hug and not ignore.  But, if not, one day we will, because it's His promise. His truth. It will not fail neither now or in the long run.

This truth has been so encouraging to me lately.  
MY way will not win.  It will fail me....and it will fail them.

Yet, He is perfect.....and His way, in His strength, will always win.

Lord, help us remember!

I want to learn this for myself.  I want to live this out and teach it to her.  To choose love and trust God. 
To let LOVE be our biggest emotion and our biggest action.

and on the receiving side of love, to only need the love of God, not of man.  I've had a long road myself learning that lesson -and still am-, and I can only pray that we spare her of it. 

I had a really good glimpse of her first struggle with it recently....a MELTDOWN because she thought someone wouldn't like her because of the shirt she had on.
Where on earth did that come from?!?

It was hard, but it was good because she talked to me.  She told me her feelings and fears.  It was the best part of my day to listen to her....my little 5 year old who's starting to think through these things and has all kinds of emotions because she's learning.

and woah, I better get on top of that fast with myself so at least I can do my part in setting a good example. Help me, Lord!

I realized my prayer for her needs to be

that she can laugh at the days to come. That she can laugh in joy as she trusts The Lord, despite her circumstances.
That she can be so wrapped up in how much God loves her 
~ that the love of people is a mere blessing, 
not something to be sought after ~
and thus overflowing LOVE onto everyone else....
knowing that IT will never fail.

{and a little peep of sweet, crazy Cole enjoying a little down time...}


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