Clothes be gone!

I figured the girls would wake up in the morning and wonder where their clothes had gone.  

Surprisingly, they didn't even notice or care.

The clothes have ventured to many places… storage boxes under the bed (future sizes and seasons), out of reach baskets in the top of the closet (ones that are slowly transitioning their way out if I can let go!), give away bags, consignment bags, and only a handful of clothes are left hanging in the closet.  Oh, and by the way, the toys are locked up now too.  They are out of reach in the top of the closet. 


Do I sound so mean?! at least about the toys?

a handful of clothes. for each girl.  as in....I could hang them all over my arm comfortably if I wanted.

Beauty, I tell ya.  

And, laundry better be a beauty this week, too.

How is this picture for a first glimpse picture of our house?  There's a lot of organizing going on here, and it always looks worse before it gets better.  It's awesome when Matt walks in during this phase.  Thankfully, he trusts me.  

Don't you realize we just moved here 6 months ago, and of course I purged then.  I am not a big lover of clothes, yet somehow we always amass quite a load…..we are blessed with gifts of clothes and hand-me-downs quite often I guess.  It's hard to weed through those sometimes! The girls just love them all too much.

{ok, that wall is a work in progress...the banner is about to be moved to another wall with that wall becoming more of a gallery wall of pictures, and the bed will be getting a headboard or full frame. Just a little fyi. :) And that chandelier was a steal of $20!  just painted it with some beautimus turquoise paint I had already. Turquoise paint should be like a pantry staple item. The walls are actually two toned white walls.  I still have to paint along the separation of them, still deciding on the color...and a skinny shelf will be along part of it.  closer pics of that one day when it's actually done. :) }

As our family grows, obviously the responsibilities grow, too.  The laundry grows, the dishes grow, the sweeping grows….everything grows.

Then, I start to realize how much work I am doing for different things and I start wondering why.  Is it necessary?

Why am I picking up so many toys?  Why am I washing so many loads of laundry (which wasn't half dirty to begin with)?  Why, why, why? Why are we always straightening the house? Are we not being disciplined or do we just have too much stuff? or both?  Have I even gotten any quality time with my kids?  Have they been helping or have they been playing their lives away?  learning to be professional players? What in the world did we even do today?  Was anything eternally accomplished?

These are only a fraction of the thoughts running through my mind at any given point.

Anyway, we've been saying for a while 'let's get rid of it all!"  or "let's lock it up!" Yet, I think fear of being an extremist kept me from doing anything.  Well, actually, I'd purge just enough to help myself feel better.  I'd purge the things that were easy to get rid of….not the real sacrifices, for the most part.

And I know, it's not the clothes and toys that are bad in and of themselves, and the kids have to learn responsibilities too.  They need to clean up after themselves {which mostly they do}, and not go through endless outfits each day just for fun.  But, there comes a point when simplifying it all makes it all work better regardless.

I hate the saying, "you can't have your cake and eat it, too."  I don't know why, I just do.  But, really, you can't have simplicity and have all your stuff you want, too. There's a lot of work to go with everything we want, and that just complicates life most of the time when you have too much.  My idea of what "too much" is in our lives keeps getting smaller and smaller. I'm learning just how content we can be with less and less.

I realized I needed to start making some real sacrifices if we were going to have our simplicity. Do I really have to keep all the things I think are cute?  Do they really need to wear a different dress to church every time we go when all they want to do is wear the same things over and over anyway? And, really I could care less when I truly think about it.  Who are we dressing for?  Themselves or someone who may have seen them in that outfit last week?!?  Seriously now.

Simplicity is hard in our culture.  shocker, huh?

I do want to be responsible for what we have. I want to take care of our home.  I want to be a good homemaker.  There is a lot of responsibility in that. I'm not being lazy.  I'm not trying to get rid of my responsibilities, but I don't want unnecessary responsibility. I'd rather be doing something more worthwhile with my time than all the laundry and switching out ~too many~ clothes seasonally and all that.

I think all the choices in the closet overwhelm Anna Jaymes and make her want to wear a little of it all every day! {Yeah, we need to nip that in the bud.  That's not happening while Momma's the one doing laundry}. It's all the choices in our culture that are so overwhelming!  Now, I do love me some choices and sometimes they are good, but mostly I see it as the enemy's schemes to complicate our lives and be a huge distraction.  {you know the verse...Ephesians 6:11}

That's when I really have to start asking myself, what is necessary and what is worth it?  Does she need to learn some balance? yes.  Does she need less choices perhaps? yes.  Do we need to be happy with less? yes. Could my laundry load be realistically smaller? yes. Could my electric bill be less while washing less? yes. Do I mind washing the cloth diapers? No.  I'd rather wash less clothes.

Now, this is just me.  Some people may love clothes and it may not bother them to wash that much laundry, {hopefully not for wrong reasons}. not me, especially at this point in life. I'd rather not wash.  Or some may work out of the home and need more.  If Anna Jaymes gets old enough and wants more choices, then she can take that responsibility for herself. OH, what a happy day that will be when she can do a laundry load on her own.

SOOO, all that to say….when we moved in, we had a few different ideas of systems to incorporate with toys and clothes. 

Some things worked, some did not.

And, this is what I had at the end of the day!  {Sorry, I forgot to take a "before" shot of the closet}  That's like a week and a half's worth of clothes.  Where they are split down the middle is the separation.  The left is Adolyn's, the right is Anna Jaymes'.
No more clothes in drawers.  I emptied four of them.

{as for the closet, we took off the old sliding doors...they were a pain!  We're putting new ones on that will open up all the way.  Either solid bifold doors, or bigger double doors.  I want to either cover them in distressed paint, wallpaper, scrapbook paper or fabric or something fun.}

Oh, if all of life could be so simple....

{the cubbies above are toys, the cubbies below are 
pj's, panties and socks.  They each have two cubbies.  Their third cubbies are for random things that have gotten separated and are waiting for their pair to be found.}

So….coming up is my toy explanation and my purging and organizing system.  So far, things are good….until Cole decided to pull half of their hanging clothes to the floor today. sweet.

So….coming up is my toy explanation and my purging and organizing system. and so far, things are good….until Cole decided to pull half of their hanging clothes to the floor today. sweet. 

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