Project 52:18

Ooooh, I could just kiss her little cheeks all day, and mostly I do.

Honestly, with my second and third pregnancies, I think I dreaded the newborn month.  I knew the sleepless nights to come, the hard time nursing, the crazy times of figuring out why there were crying.  I think I let those fears keep me from experiencing as much joy as I could.  Of course, I DID love cuddling those babies, and overall it was a sweet time....but I could've enjoyed it even more had I not been scared of the hard parts and just trusted God.

I don't know what happened in this pregnancy, but God totally took those fears away and I was excited about the newborn phase.  I was just excited about this new baby girl....another blessing to add to our chaotic house {although I like to call it "organized chaos"}. I think I love them all more and more each time we have another one.  It's like you start all over and realize how fast it goes by and how much better you want to be at raising this one....all while you're thinking "maybe I won't mess this one up as much as the others." :)  Just kidding.  Sorta.

This first month has truly been full of blessings and fun, despite all the craziness and sleeplessness.  

God is SO good.  His promises get me through it, that's for sure {like Isaiah 40:28-31}. and the insanely amazing husband I have.  I couldn't do it without him, and I surely don't deserve him. 
Oh, how I love that man.


Anyways....on to fun pictures...

Her eyes were supposed to be closed in the project 52 picture.....they are almost there.  
at least one of them.

She has not cooperated very well with picture taking lately.  or ever.  And just to get real with ya, this is ALL I got from my attempt to take newborn shots in the first week.....when she was supposed to be small and young enough to sleep through any and everything.  Well, that did. not. happen.

no edits here....just horribly bad lighting and an unhappy new baby girl...
and a pretty bonnet that ended up looking like an elf hat....

and then she peed on my old quilt...that I can't put in the washer or it would shred to pieces.


So, we quit that little photo shoot with hopes to make up for it somehow.

next time around, THIS was the best one I got...

I don't care if she's screaming, she's cute.

My goal this year is to UP my photography and editing skills....taking pics of the kids...
taking pics of flowers and fun vintage stuff.

I was playing around with some new pink flowering quince  I found beside the house.  Living somewhere new is fun when you get to see what flowers are where during all the seasons!  So far, I've had some nice surprises.

I had a whole little photo shoot with these little blooms and then realized how I really wanted to shoot them.  Oh well, I'll cut some more and try again....but for now, this was a little of what I got....




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