Project 52:19

I have waited so long for this day! It was almost surreal. :)  It represents so much to me.  
settling down.  home.  a self-sustaining life.  free food.  deliciousness.  memories that await us.

So much lies within these little trees!  I know that may seem corny, but I don't even care!

We pretty much feel that God wants us here for a long time, and we are working toward building and making a long term home and heritage for our children.  We make the plans, but God determines our steps, so who knows...He could pull us up and move us in five years, but for now we know this is what to do.

By the way, that's the back of our house.  I don't know if you can see the stuff back there or not, but we're working towards getting it organized with some good and decent looking storage. I hate stuff lying around! There's also an outdoor shower that is usually up to the left of the door, but Matt had to take it down temporarily for some reason.  We want to build a neat little privacy shower wall around it and a deck.....along with a privacy fence around the back yard. 
Lots of work to do, but it IS coming along!

Here's our old rickety barn!  It may look like it's about to fall over, but it's not. ha  It's actually pretty well built with it's randomness of materials, but it does need a facelift.  It has an open part in the back and a couple of other doors on the other side.  Matt's worked hard on organizing it out there and even built a locked storage room in one end with all the siding and stuff we took down when we closed in the carport.  I think a new pretty front door on this end would do wonders along with some plants and all that fun stuff.  We started to paint it a couple of months ago when someone offered to for a good price, but we aren't exactly sure yet what we are doing to it yet.
Our big garden plans {that will most definitely take a few years to grow up the way I want it, will be on this side in the field.} It'll be a vegetable and flower garden fenced in. We've started drawing out long term plans for everything here so we don't do something we regret later on.  Maybe I can finish that pic and scan it in here. 

 They sort of blend into the wood, but there's two fig trees already there, which was wooooh!! exxxxxciiiiiiting to already have figs.
I said I was sold on this place when I saw the fig trees along with a pecan and a peach tree! Since then, we've found two more pecan trees in the woods, but they need some clearing done around them. 

Hopefully the trees won't randomly die on us or stop producing.  That would just stink.

A house and small acreage has been a dream of ours for a while!  This place has some good and not-so-good aspects, but it fits our family and is great for us.  God knew exactly where we needed to be and where He wanted us. He has been so gracious as He's provided it for us in His timing!  All thanksgiving and praise definitely go to Him!


  1. You touch my heart, sweet child of mine...I love you!

    1. Thanks, Momma! :) Thankfully, I can't remember the tune or I'd have Guns and Roses' song stuck in my mind now. :)