Purging and Organizing...

Although this isn't rocket science here, I'm sharing my new clothes system with ya in case you need a little boot to get going on your own simplifying process! It's not complicated, but somehow worked a whole lot more than my normal going through the closet saying "nah, I don't want to get rid of this...or this...no, she really likes this one...what if we need this...yada yada yada."

{my little helper showing me he found a rotten piece of apple on the floor.  Lovely.}

When we moved this past summer, we purged and organized a lot and having lived in a smaller house for 3 years, it wasnt that hard!!  Even still, I obviously didn't do the job well.

So, this is what I tried with the girls' clothes {3 and 5 year olds} when we moved in last summer.....that did NOT work:

I narrowed down the clothes a good bit {or so I thought} and had them all hung in the closet.  Stained play clothes were in the drawers where they could easily reach them for most days at home and outside.  I thought that would be convenient.  Instead, it was a headache! The girls terrorized the drawers, got shorts for cold days, changed clothes whenever they wanted, and put random things back in the drawers, and all that fun stuff.  I guess I thought it would help if they could dress themselves, {which they still can for the most part now…but with a little help from their momma}.

I had various seasons of clothes all out together because the way I had planned clothes was to buy things that could be layered and unlayered so they could get more wear out of them all year long….and thus buying less clothes.  {When shopping, I try to find those that can be  interchanged between seasons, and don't ever buy holiday clothing unless it's pj's and is really cheap.  I'm not saying they don't ever wear those type clothes, we just don't look to buy them. I like the idea of versatility....I like to have a little holiday cheer with something red at Christmas, for instance, that can still be worn on into winter...and even better, it'll work for Valentine's Day, too.}  

Speaking of Valentine's, Anna Jaymes was disappointed that we don't have a tree like the Christmas tree.  So, she made her own.  her very own.  I didn't help her.  She punched out hearts and glued them to squares and stuck them on the limbs.  She hung her big pink wings on it along with a few other random things.  She even colored a green Christmas tree, cut it out, and put it at the bottom of the flowers.  So funny, but I like how she thinks!

Although all seasons out at once wasn't perfect, layering is still a great buying idea, and even better with less clothes. :) However, having all the season's clothes out at once was not a good idea for us {I would do this more for myself, but not the kids...and to do so, you can't have too many clothes or it's just overwhelming.  Unless you have a huge closet, I guess.}. I had thought it necessary to combine everything to get the most use out of it all.  I mean there were some extreme seasonal clothes that were put away, but there were just too many "layering items" out at once. Too many choices, I guess...plus the fact that they don't know how to dress for the weather!  I don't know.

My Purging System {that worked well}...

It finally had just gotten to be enough. We had to purge again. I told Matt that one thing always holding me back is being scared of getting rid of too much and actually needing something I got rid of (or really wanting it, probably!).  So, when he replied with the fact that we could just buy something again if we needed it, I felt the freedom to let go.  I started thinking. I decided to do the extreme first because we felt it was worth the try. But, I was still a little scared to get rid of so much.  So, I sort of did the extreme. :)

My first step...I had a serious time of praying over their clothes.  Seriously. Like I think I had my own little ceremony or some type of blessing on that room. I thanked God for the abundance and providence and begged for wisdom that would make our lives simpler and less materialistic. I asked Him to order my day as I purged and organized.

1.  I took everything out of the closet.
2.  Organized it into seasons and sizes.
3.  Picked out our favorite pieces.  {This meant most of the play clothes had to go....one problem I identified was how many "play clothes" we had.  I guess I kept everything thinking that I didn't want them to play in the better outfits and ruin them….instead of thinking that we could just replace the outfits if needed at some point.  That led to an overload of clothes and wasn't necessary because really, I don't keep a ton of really nice things and most of the clothes we have are casual, everyday clothes....appropriate to be "play clothes" and not too expensive to replace.  On top of that, we just didn't realistically need the amound I had.}
4.  made outfits of the favorite pieces.
5.  started hanging clothes back in closet, starting with the most faves first.
6.  put about a week and a half of clothes in the closet. {with a little variety to allow for temperature changes...ex. although it's winter, it's not always freezing cold}
7. put the girls' summer clothes in a box under the bed....the extreme summer clothes that couldn't really be layered or at least weren't really needed for now. 
8.  put the fall and winter clothes that really are too big in a box under the bed for next year.   
9. I got a box for the clothes that didn't necessarily make the cut for favorites, but weren't ready for me to give away just yet.  I put it under the bed, out of sight. If I still have these, I could replace anything that got damaged....but I don't know how long I'll keep them.
10. I also got a small box of things that I seriously thought they may need one day {like leggings} and put it in the top of the closet for easy access in case I had gone a little too extreme {but I'm hoping I'll surprise myself here}.

{my sneaky little helper}

Simple, huh? Doesn't seem like it would be that hard to figure out or do!

My New Organizing Daily System {that is almost too simple to be called a system}:

The biggest help is having them {and myself} check their clothes before throwing them in the hamper and making sure they really are dirty.  Some minor things can just be rubbed off with a damp cloth, especially if they will just wear it again around the house.  That's such a simple habit to do, and it lessens laundry and lengthens the life of the clothes. Duh.  I had sort of done that in the past already, but now I'm a lot more conscious of it!

Like I said, I kept about a week and a half worth of clothes. So, all you see is all they have now.  Some pieces to use as layering, some versatility for changes in weather.

The bottom set of cubbies are boxes of panties and socks, pj's, and a box of swimsuits and a box of missing socks, etc.
The green boxes in top of the closet are their toys.  A box each for horses, baby doll accessories, and kitchen stuff.  The pink box has the extra clothes in it.

In the sides of the closets are linens and other random things, but it's mostly empty.  I can't believe it actually. 

Now that the drawers are empty, I guess I could put the stuff from the cubbies into the drawers. I don't know.

So, yes again, this is no fancy simplifying system , but sometimes it helps to hear just exactly what someone else did.  I'd love to hear any other ideas!

The explanation of toys, or lack thereof, coming soon! :)

{My first mention of purging a few days ago can be found here. }


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