An affair with Pinterest...

Pinterest is a funny and tricky sort of thing.....in an evil sort of way.

It's like an emotional roller coaster.  I see the yummy, yummy sinful sweets that drive me to the neeeeeeed to go bake something NOW.  Then, I see some girl's sleek, tight little body and the exercise routine…she obviously does every day….and she obviously doesn't eat those kind of sweets I, myself was just drooling over.  I no longer want to bake and am appalled at the idea of even doing so anymore.  Yet, I want and most definitely need to go do 1,000 reps of whatever SHE is doing.  Then, I see the beautiful exotic destination of so-and-so and want to relax and daydream of all the luxurious resting I soooo deserve and not do one. little. rep. of anything….yada, yada, yada....and the downward spiral goes on and on.

Oh, but then you throw in the scripture pins and that makes it all better!  Back to reality.

It's so cruel.  Especially cruel, when, good grief, I sat down to do a search for something, and after 20 minutes of surfing "my following," I can't remember what I was even looking for. I do the same thing on Facebook. I know I'm not alone there.

However, I just love looking at my own pinterest boards and how pretty they are.  Such a reflection of myself.  Hahahaha JK Well, it really is a collection of all my faves organized in one little pretty page.  My own desires of things I dream of doing one day.  Actually, my pinterest boards do need a little organizing.  Who knew "For the Home" was going to get so over-crowded? Should I organize my craft desk or my pinterest boards? decisions, decisions.

aaaahhh, love.  and want.....but no coveting here, of course! :)

I do love pinterest for the good though…it's very handy and convenient and is the best resource of inspiration for  whatever season of life you're in.  

Ok, on to my random thought of an affair…

If I have a drive to create, and long to do it….but don't….then, all I do is, say, stare at pinterest and think about and hope to create….I get this false feeling of being creative, without the actual fulfillment of DOING something creative with some sort of accomplishment.  Pinterest sometimes makes me feel like I'm being creative just by seeing all the ideas and expanding my own ideas of all the wonderfully beautiful things I WILL, for sure (wink, wink) do one day.  

When I don't actually go and do something…oh because I'm feeling tired and lazy, I'd like to just look at some beautifully created masterpiece, instead of going and doing one myself...it's like it leaves me wanting more.  Or either it's a false fulfillment.   Or, it leaves me there, sitting at the computer screen, wasting my time away looking at others' crafted pleasures instead of fulfilling my own!!  Can you feel me venting here?!

The point is…to get up from the computer screen and go DO something creative for yourself and your family!  Feel the accomplishment and the gratification of putting those pins into place.  I tell myself this frequently.

I don't have a lot of spare time, but I do enjoy a good check on pinterest when I can fit it in.  Still, I sure don't want to waste away the little bit of time I do have just wishing for something creative in place of getting something great done! Ooooh, life is tricky.

pinterest can be so good....or such a potential time waster.  let's keep it good, shall we?

and is it just me or was it because it was late at night in bed and I was just delirious, but these made me laugh out loud....like seriously LOL.  I think I cried.  I must have been delirious.

just as the pin read...."where on earth would I put that?!"


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