My little man turned TWO!

I have never really been a big fan of "boys."  Sorry, that may sound mean, but I haven't exactly had a good run with most boys and men my whole life.  Matt had to fight for my trust and love before I would even give him the time of day, and he had done absolutely nothing wrong.  Just the way I was.

So, not only was I scared of trusting or loving a man, I guess I was scared of raising a little boy, too.

That said, with my first two pregnancies, I was glad to find out they were girls!  However, by the time the ultrasound told me this little guy was on his way into my life, I was ready.  My heart was ready for a boy.  God had done a lot of healing in me and prepared me to love a little man by then.  I guess maybe I had to get rid of a little resentment toward the male gender.  :)  I don't know.

Anyway, this man came along and turned my heart upside down!

He is such a sweet, sensitive, little hard-working man!

I can't believe he is TWO!!

So....here's a little shout out to our little Colie Polie and my favorite pics.
{I guess since he's getting so old, we may need to come up with a more manly nickname now.}

Thank you, Daddy for teaching him to stand on the potty.  Potty training girls is much cleaner.  Oh, and he only does this in public restrooms now. :)

Want some pencils sharpened? Cole's your man.  Whenever I need him to chill out, I can grab the pencil sharpener....keeps him busy for hours minutes.

Oh, this little man melts my heart!

Weeeelllll, I was going to add more pics of the little guy, but just got totally overwhelmed at the thousands...yes, thousands of pictures on our hard drives to go through. ugh.  Our old computer died a few months ago and I haven't started up a system for organizing and storing pics.  It's on the to-do list. 

Oh, and no pictures of a party.  I went all out for the first several parties for the girls, and I probably will whenever I can in the future.  But, until he knows any better, and until I find it necessary or do-able, we'll just have a little family get-together to celebrate. So, we'll do all that this Saturday....and, of course we'll have some yummy cake.



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