Project 52:21

Thankful for progress.

I've always wanted a creek.  Does this count as a creek?!  I wanted one running through our property, but it was the one thing this place was missing.

Anyway, this big ugly ditch means that progress has been made at the house!  The county finally came and put in a culvert and driveway for us on the side road, behind the house and away from the busy highway.  They had to dig out the ditch more for better water flow.  That thing fills up with a good rain. So….on a warm rainy day, I may find my kids in the ditch.  My stress level has gone down some now that we are able to park in the back.  It'll lower even more when we get the fence up in the back yard.

Progress is good.  Change is good.  Change is hard sometimes. It takes a lot of work...a lot of patience.

It's so funny to think about how fast we hoped for changes around the house.  We thought we could get so much done within about a month.  Let's just say I'm definitely becoming more of a realist instead of a dreamer.  Or at least I'm being more real and practical with how long it's going to take to fulfill those dreams.  I'm learning patience and to be ok with the fact that it's not all how I want it to be already.  And, just because it's not totally changed the way I want it to be in my vision, it doesn't mean that progress is not being made….and I need to be okay with that.  It's just that sometimes things just look a mess when they are in the middle of progress and I sure don't like a mess.

It's funny how things happening in the physical life are sometimes in step with what's going on inside me spiritually.  It's neat how God teaches us.

God is reminding me of some truths about change right now.  I think I subconsciously tend to have a negative perspective that people don't really change…or that it's nearly impossible.  I think I tend to see how some people haven't changed and let that rule my outlook…even the outlook about myself….I see the areas that I haven't changed, or at least not totally changed.  I shouldn't think like that.  I want to choose to see all the good that has come from the people that HAVE actually changed and to know it's possible…and see all the areas in my own life that have changed...by God's mercy and grace.   

It stinks when we have a hopeless attitude that people or things are just stuck the way they are.  What's good in that? Of course, some things can't change and some things are out of our control.  Thankfully, we have a good heavenly Father we can trust in those times.  But, what about when they can change?  I want to be hopeful and have faith in the amazing God that can change all things with a whisper of His voice.

I want to have faith and know that change IS possible IN HIM….and I want to at least be doing my part and trust Him with the rest and Know that He is good and faithful…and that it's possible in Him.

It's amazing the motivation we can have when we are focused on Him and knowing that change lies ahead….not believing lies that it's not possible.

"And looking at them Jesus said to them, 'With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.' " Matthew 19:26

Change IS possible.

Not only is salvation possible in Him, but sanctification  - becoming holy - IS possible in Him. 

Changing any little thing in our life that needs to be better….it's possible in Him.

He wants us to know how powerful He is and how He can overcome the old.  I've been so gently encouraged by the Lord lately in all of this. He's reminding me of the progress He's made in my life. He's reminding me of His faithfulness and abilities.  It gives me hope in the areas in my life that I want and need to change.  It gives me hope for the lives of my children that they can grow and change into people after God's own heart….because that sometimes seems impossible!! hehehe

Well, that's my two cents on progress and change.


Now, here's a bit of a better creek we found down the road.  Our neighbor has so kindly invited the kids to play in it any time.  It's actually the little spillway from the dam at their big lake.  This was in the fall before it got too cold.

It actually runs down and under the road into a real creek.  We thought we'd play in that part a little while, too until we stepped down and our feet went at least 12 inches deep....then I picked up my foot and my shoe was missing....it was still down deep in the mud. lovely.
Thankfully, I fished it out.

Instead of coming over to help me get myself out....surely because of fear of getting stuck himself....Matt decided to video me.
Oh, and that's when I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant.  So, that made it even better.
I conveniently don't have that video handy right now, or I'd post it for your entertainment. :)


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