Fabric Photo Display Board Thing-a-ma-jig

Things are slowly coming together.  Some things I like the way we've done them, and some things I don't.  Some I just have to live with, and some I just really want to repaint or redo.  Aahh, but I'm so ready to just be done with everything, that only a little is getting redone any time soon!  The main things are the kitchen cabinets and the chalkboard wall.  More on those coming one day. :)

I recently hung a "gallery wall" in our living room....still waiting on some pictures for some of the frames, but at least the frames are up.  Since this wall is so consumed, I thought something simple on the wall next to it would be best.  

Of course, I didn't end up liking the finished project though in the needed spots since they still seemed a little "too busy" for me with so many different colored fabrics....I was going to hang them on this wall on either side of the window, but these boards will actually go somewhere else....possibly in the hall way.

{I don't know what's going to go in these, but for now, I just threw in some pictures}

I could make some more boards in a more monochromatic design and I bet I'd like them better for that wall.  We shall see.
I sort of think the busy fabrics clash with the pictures...so simple fabrics would possibly seem to be best?
Oooh, burlap may be nice.
burlap with a ruffle or flowers at the bottom, or both.
Ok, I think I'll try that.

First, about pictures.....a while back, I went back and forth as I prayed about what I wanted "decorating" the walls in our home.  I know some things are just not worth the money or space they would take up on our walls.  I just don't really care for things that have no meaning.  I don't have a set rule about this or anything and we all have different things that inspire us....but that's just it...I wanted my walls to be full of things that inspire me....not just some decor bought at the store.  That's just me, and that's not to say I will never do that, but for the most part, probably not.  Anyway, I had also wondered if photography was worth my time and energy and decided that it was.  I LOVE having pictures that remind me of the precious memories of my kiddos and the pics help me not take them for granted.  They give me joy....and sometimes a laugh just when I need it.

On top of family pictures, what's more inspiring than some words of TRUTH?  This is my project lately.....working on scripture prints.  So family pics and scripture pics are what's mostly gracing our walls.  We may or may not have taken it too far with the chalk board paint...oh well....it's another good way to get the scriptures up though. {That's one thing that's getting repainted.....more to come on that...one day!}

So, back to the photo board...

I was inspired by an old frame I had from college.  It was a full 11x14 mat that was layered papers and allowed you to slide in pictures where ever you wanted them.  I thought it would be fun to do something similar with either fabric or scrapbook paper.  Paper on a smaller scale, fabric on a larger scale.  I just happened to have {sometimes it's good to hoard!} two foam boards in the house, and I chose to wrap them in random fabrics I had.  This was a learning process, so I'll share my mistakes and tell ya what I found worked best.  While these aren't my favorite fabric combinations - since they didn't serve my original purpose well - I still like them!  very easy and inexpensive project...especially if you get thrifty with the fabrics or papers.

I got my boards from Hobby Lobby when they were half off. So, $2.50 a board.

I don't put tutorials on here because I sure don't have the time to write them all out and take all the pictures!  But, this is pretty easy, so maybe this will be enough, and it's worth sharing for such an inexpensive and easy photo display.

Anna Jaymes worked on her own little board while I did mine.  She just had a piece of thick poster board for hers....

She got quite random with her fabrics....

that mod podge is a wonder drug.  some powerful glue, for sure.  I later saw, however, despite its miraculous adhesiveness, that Anna Jaymes had decided to glue a piece of fabric to the front of her dress.  Sweeeeeet....not a good idea, Anna Jaymes!!  The stuff actually came out after being washed, though.   good to know. 

 You can see how she's applying a little glue on the back here....

I started with the top corners first...overlapping the top and sides.
I spread the glue on all the sides, the front and on part of the back.
I don't even know if that's necessary, since it holds really well.  I probably could've just done the front and back.
I then folded it over like so....
{the top of the board is actually at the bottom of the picture}

this is on the front....I'd put some glue down, lay the fabric down, then put some more glue across where the fabric would lay.  the glue dries pretty fast, so I didn't want to put too much glue down at one time.

and this is the key to the whole project....
dabbing a little here and there at the top of each row.....
I found it best to NOT completely coat the board with glue, but with just enough so the fabric would lie flat, especially at the top ~ to only dab a little every now and then at the top of the fabric, so that the pictures will be able to easily slide down into the fabric.  I didn't do this at first, thinking I could just slide the pic in where I wanted it and it would peel the fabric away from the board where needed.  Not so easy with that heavy duty mod podge!  So, if I can find the time to do a burlap one, I won't put that much glue on it. make sense?

Also, notice that the fabric is folded under at the top.  It doesn't have to be done this way.  Anna Jaymes didn't fold hers.  But, actually, lets just say that Anna Jaymes' ended up being a bulletin board.  It was just a little something to keep her happy and busy while I was doing mine.  

and this must've been the bottom corner, folded back up and glued...
{see, I'm real good at tutorials :)}

Here's the completed back.  I'm not sure why they are all cut at random lengths.
That's just how I roll these days. :)

And, that's it! Not hard, not fancy....but easy and cheap big art. well, I guess cheap depends on your materials.  

It would be really cute as a scrap board....all different sizes depending on what you have....and possibly not even cut straight or folded down.  You could get real creative with these.

Another cute idea would be to find a big, old chunky frame and cut the boards to fit into it.  Paint the frame or leave it be.  so cute!

Plus, this could be a great way to display christmas cards.  If you have some neutral or christmas fabric, you could easily slide in cards and easily take them out when it's time to say bye bye to all things christmas.

lots of possibilities.

and at the end of the day, I wondered why I didn't just make it a bulletin board without all that
systematic gluing....
but that would mean holes in the pictures. :)

{I'm sure I missed something, just let me know if I did!}


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