growing a little something...

Each year we start earlier and earlier.

and each year we think we've started early enough.

and each year we learn more and more....and realize how we did, in fact, not start as early as we should have to succeed at what we wanted...a good spring garden.

So, now we're just getting an early summer garden I guess you could say.

and now hopefully, we will learn enough this year to just keep it going all year long...complete with winter veggies.....and green smoothies from all those winter greens!  that I De.Clare. my family WILL LOVE one day.  Most of us like them, and hopefully Anna Jaymes will join the bandwagon one day soon.  She likes them when they are chocolate-y and sweet enough.

Anyways.....we ordered seeds {not soon enough for what I wanted....so some of them will have to wait for fall planting...from Victory Seeds and My Patriot Supply, fyi}. Seeing how we were not on top of things, we went and bought some plants that were already started and ready to be transplanted. We just started some seeds indoors and now we are starting some seeds outside in the garden!  wooh! so exciting!  We're also planting some with some neighbors for a little community garden they started. It's bigger and will be great for long rows of veggies such as corn, okra and the such.

She's just about as intense about planting the garden as she is about writing her name on her own pots. So maybe she will be just as excited to eat what she grows.  They all love veggies anyway, but are still  surprising me at how into all of this they are.  So exciting!

and Lulu just loves being outside....although she can barely open those big round eyes.
the baby needs some shades....

There is just something so rewarding about growing your own food....and knowing where it comes from....and what does or does not go onto it in the garden.  I hope each year our garden will grow bigger and better. 

and it probably will if Cole will stop shoving objects down into my freshly sprouted plants. or plucking the new life out of them. he's lucky he's cute.  He plucked the first tomato sprout out, and I shoved it back in....gently.  ha  At least I'm optimistic, but if we're being honest here, it will be a miracle if anything I touch grows....Cole, or no Cole.


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