Slumdog Millionaire 2

Matt took some of the college guys to Passion this year.  Passion's been big on trafficking awareness. If helping a cause like this has been on your heart, you can find some good resources through them or through the A21 campaign, along with the one mentioned in the last post.  

After Passion, Matt came home with all these fans of faces on the front and personal, true stories on the back. very eye opening.  Anna Jaymes wanted to give some of her money to the cause.  She was very moved by the stories her Daddy was sharing with her.  However, she did want her money back a few days later.  progress, progress.

It's so hard to see my little girl's body along with a picture and story like this.

{think that was a blurry iphone pic}


So, here's some good thoughts from my hubby after watching Slumdog Millionaire...

It isn't often, although I wish it was more, that my heart, mind, and emotions are gripped by the realities that take place in this world. I know that within a few hours these feelings will be lost and I will be back to normal so I quickly want to write down what I am thinking and feeling. 

First of all, my heart is broken and tears are streaming from my eyes.  To think about the lives of so many children who are abducted and turned into beggars and prostitutes.  To see the story of those boys and even though it was a story and they got away, the true story is that many do not.  Many children in India and other poor countries are shown kindness and welcomed into what seems a loving place only to be used and abused for profit.  Many children have their eyes gouged out of their face and body disfigured or dismembered because they will get more money as beggars.  Many young innocent girls are turned into prostitutes.  To even think about my sweet, innocent girls being taken and turned into prostitutes who have no choice but to perform sexual acts or get beat or killed absolutely breaks my heart. 

My first thought is, honestly, how can the God who I love, who I know sees all things and knows that this goes on…how can He let it happen?  How can he watch day after day as children are abused and not act?  Why doesn't he come back now to end all of the suffering and to keep it from happening to any more children?  Second, it makes me think of what I can do.  Can I give money, adopt children from the slums, speak out in some way?  What does it say about me to know that this kind of stuff goes on everyday in other countries and I'm sure even some in our country and to not do as much as I can about it?  

Is it ok for me to continue living my life of ease and comfort with more material things than I need and many things in our life that are only for our pleasure or entertainment?  What should I give up, how should I raise my kids to be aware of this, what actions should I take?  Are these feelings real or are they just manipulated by the movie or am I so much a product of America and our culture that the lackadaisical feelings I have toward this normally are what has been manipulated?  Do I live in an unreal reality while many in this world live in reality?  How do I stay focused on what is really happening in this world? 

What about the spiritual side…do the physical kidnappings, abuse, brainwash, and other things I just saw represent the spiritual reality of people I come in contact with everyday on the college campus?  How many of the guys and girls at Mississippi State are slaves to their sin or things of this world and can't even imagine living everyday in love and freedom with Christ?  Am I called to do more or am I doing all I'm called to do with my family, project 2:2, and the baseball team?  If so how can I reach them deeper, how can I help them to see the reality, how can I live in the reality everyday and not get caught up in my own little world?  Is this how Paul felt when he talks about the emotions he had toward those he has shared the gospel with…genuine pain and sorrow to see them in their sin and true joy to see them free and in love with Christ?  Is this how I should be feeling towards those I have shared the gospel with and am discipling?  If so how do I do that?  How can I keep the urgency that Paul had day in and day out for those who are slaves to their sin? 

God give me understanding and wisdom, teach me and show me what more I can be doing.  Help me to live in the true reality and not get caught up in a make believe world. Help me to experience these emotions of sadness and joy for spiritual realities.  Open my eyes to see what You see, feel how you feel, and to act on the things I need to.  God I pray for the children, you know every single one of them, who are being abused, abducted, brainwashed, and turned into beggars and sex slaves.  God please help them.  Please move in your church to help them.  Give them special grace and peace.  Thank You for the country I live in, thank you for my parents who loved and protected me, thank you for my wife and my children.  Please protect them and help me protect them from all the evil that is in this world.


from the t-615 website...

"You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say that you did not know."
William Wilberforce

What will we do with these physical and spiritual realities?


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