Slumdog Millionaire

We watched "Slumdog Millionaire" recently.  It was another time of me being jerked out of my own life realities and into the reality of how thousands of others in this world really live. I don't think that was the point of the movie, but it's what was left on mine and Matt's hearts.  It was the imprints of the children in poverty living in heaps of stinky trash, enslaved to cruel people, trafficked for sex and begging.
What hurt me the most is knowing that so many children are lost from the beginning.  They are born into these things and they have no choice.  Most are probably never told the truth of Jesus, all they know is evil, violence, and worldly ways of staying alive.  They do what they have to do, and they grow up probably just to do it to someone else.
Did they ever even have a chance?  Were they ever influenced by anything positive?  Anything of Jesus? Are their hearts just so hardened and evil?  

What is God's mercy and grace like to children and people like this?  He knows why they are the way they are.  

I searched my baby's sweet face as I nursed her that night and wondered what she would become one day.  She's a product of how we choose to raise and treat her.

I was gripped and convicted with mixed emotions as it occurred to me that I have the power to choose.  I have the power over her life, to some degree.  I pictured her asking me if I was going to struggle with her as she got older like I've struggled with the other kids.  Would I lose my grace with her?  Would I be aggravated with her? Would I be selfish? 

No, I won't be perfect.

Nevertheless, I have the power to choose.  I can choose to give them the best life or the worst life.  Although I don't actually see the possibility of me giving them the worst life, how serious will I be to give them the best I am able to? I could easily miss out on giving them the best.

What is the best?

The best could only be Jesus.

I CHOOSE to give her Jesus. I WANT to give them Jesus.  But, I don't have that power.  It's only in Him, in me.  Will I depend on Him daily for it?  Every minute?  Will I love Him and His Word the way I need to in order to give them the best?  Will I wait on Him?  Hope in Him?

I have the power in Him to give them Jesus every day.  I have the choice to give them Him or give them Me.

I want to give them Jesus every day.  All day.  In my heart, in my words, in my tone, in my affections, in my teaching them scripture, in my attitude….in everything.

This requires a huge loss of self.  At all costs, I need to give them Jesus. That's the best in this world.

And above them, for HIM, I need to give them Jesus.  I need to Love and Obey Him.  HE should be my first reasoning, and they should be my second.

Love Him with all my heart, mind, and soul.  If I love Him, I will keep His commandments.  I will be LOVE. (every aspect in 1 Cor 13) I will do nothing in selfishness.  I will obey His first greatest command in loving Him, and the second greatest by loving them.

Again, I know I can't be prefect, but isn't perfection our goal anyway? 

I do love them in so many ways already.  But, I fail them in many ways, as well.  I am not always the picture of love like Jesus is.  I want to be.  I can be in Him.

He surely wouldn't tell us to do something or be something if He knew we couldn't do it.  He knew we could only do it in Him though.

Praise God for His mercy, grace and strength...and pray for those little kids who need to find it.

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Next, I'll share what Matt journaled after watching the movie.


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