Sweet tea...

It was one of those days. Sometimes you just need a drink. Ahem.
Oh for the love of sweet tea.

I thought about asking Matt to bring me home a gigantic frappucino, but figured he would say no. So, I decided sweet tea would do. I never make it anymore considering the load of sugar in it, but I knew it would be a much needed treat for us all.....after a long day with sergeant mom around. I hate falling into her trap and barking commands and rebukes all day.  It's never good, and it's not the way it's supposed to be.

I confess to being an emotional eater sometimes, although I'm trying to get away from it! But, seriously it would've been B.A.D. Bad if I would have had any significant source of chocolate or cookies or cake on hand.

Why is it that we hope in food or other comfort items and not the Lord sometimes?  I mean...ya got FOOD on one hand and GOD on the other hand.  Really?! Like why would I even think about eating just because I'm frustrated and exhausted? Is that the only thing that's going to make me feel better?!
It's such an odd link between the emotional and physical.

That's so weird.  I guess maybe because it's my window of opportunity where I'm in my flesh and I "just don't care" about what negative thing I'm doing to my body...so hey, I better gobble up that big piece of cake before I have my good head on my shoulders again.

We, people are so strange sometimes.

Why don't we just cry out to God and HOPE in HIM and WAIT for HIM?

The answers seem so simple, but they are so hard to do sometimes.  I get distracted by wallowing in my own pity and forget to just simply ask for His help.

or just simply give thanks.

I have a bible app on my phone and I recently read a short weeklong daily devotional from Lysa Terkeurst's Made to Crave book.  I think it was a bunch of clippings from the book mostly.  It was really good and I have put the book on my mile long reading list.  maybe one day. But, it's so cool how she lines up food with the cravings that God made in us....cravings for things that He was actually meant to fulfill.

Regardless, we did enjoy our sweet tea....although it got confiscated from me as soon as I brought it outside.  silly me to think that we could all happily share after a day like that.

good thing there wasn't too much damage done.  Exactly why I don't keep sweets and junk food on hand.

However, there could have been damage done if you got in Cole's way of the sweet tea.
He's a pretty possessive little man sometimes. but he's so darn cute.

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