the fond memories of lingering and chatting...

One of my most favorite things to do….
I remember the girls' trips and the sleepovers, waking up - whenever you wanted, spending time with friends, lingering over the table for hours talking in our pj's.  The feeling of no responsibility and having time to just chat.  that is like heaven on earth.  seriously, one of my most favorite things.  and then, a few hours later, you up and decide you want to go do a little something!  well, why not? There's nothing holding us back. So, off we go for a little shopping trip to wherever we can find.  or not, if you can't decide what to do in all that free time.
It's the unexpected.  the unplanned.  the no-schedule day. the freedom.  this is a little luxury, and you only see the insane value of it when you haven't had it in a while!  
and who cares if the lack of good decision-making on what to do leads to never deciding and just sitting at the table. happened plenty of times.  You've spent time still talking with friends and enjoying the peace!  It hasn't been wasted.  
Oh, I can barely taste these memories.  It was just triggered by reading about someone else's fun similar day.  I'm trying to hang on to it.  I'm so thankful for those times.  Thankful that I live in a country and had the freedom to go  to a college where I made great friends, and roomed with my childhood best friend {who wins the prize for the longest duration of being my friend ever! ha, she has put up with a lot!}, to go to other places like camp and ministry training programs where I met life-long friends. How I've gotten to live in some wonderfully beautiful places and work with some amazingly godly people who I've shared the fondest memories with.  All of them….I just can't believe the blessings.  I could sit and chat with any and all of them and would love to have a time like this with any of them.
I told Matt the other day that I was starting to save my change and by the time I'm done with having babies and nursing that I was going to have saved up for a wonderful trip somewhere! I told him he could come, too.  but, maybe I'll take that invite back and just take some good ole girlfriends.  So, I can sit in my pj's and linger over coffee and chat and chat and chat. He's not really a chatter, you see.  :) The most wonderful thing about all those friends is that you can't miss the fact that they love Jesus, and by the time we have chatted it up, I am so encouraged and refreshed. that's good friends, I tell ya. gotta love that great fellowship.

 I have so much to be thankful for. So many gifts in this life.  Did I enjoy them to the fullest extent?  Did I make the most out of them? Every season has its valuable blessings that I'm sure we all take for granted until they are only a memory barely there anymore.

{his "lawn mower"}

What about my children now?   It's just not really practical to think that I could sit down and talk with them for hours after lingering over breakfast.
The unplanned days {at least to some extent} are not so successful with little ones. There's no lingering going on around here!
Do I enjoy the blessings that are in this season of our lives? Sometimes, I have to hunt for those sweet moments…because I know they are there even in the hard days, I just have to be looking.  and looking for them is what I want to do more of. Sometimes they are obvious.  I like those times….easily enjoyed.

{scootin out of the way of the real lawn mower}

So, what are the treasures in this season that I want to enjoy the most?  What are the times that I can take to slow down and look them in the eyes and fully enjoy them and experience joy and gratitude at the beauty of the wonderful blessings they are? This season is a hard one, no doubt.  But, we know that often in the hardest times come the greatest blessings.  I want to know the beauty that awaits me in this season every day.  I want to grasp it.  I want to give all thanks and glory to my heavenly Father who gives all good things for us to enjoy.  I want to build the relationships with my kiddos.  I want them to trust me. I want them to know my love for them.  

because then….one day soon, when they are older, and they want to do some chatting. Oh, my time will come. and it will be here far too soon.

{maybe a push mower now?}

I want them to one day be able to linger over cups of coffee with their old momma and talk about all the sweet happenings in their lives….or hard secret struggles.  Lord willing we live long enough, maybe I will get to experience those times once again with my own sweet children.  I mean, the way it's going, I've got plenty of girls to sit around with one day who will have plenty to talk about, I'm sure. :)

So, I may not be getting many of those chances to linger and chat these days in this season.  Instead, I'm in a place where I can be building more dear relationships with my little ones, with hopes of one day lingering over coffee and chatting about life with them.  I want to be the momma that puts in the effort now to love and grow with them. and will reap the blessings as time goes on. 

Until the chatting, I will just let this little man keep me entertained.  


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