Happy Mother's Day...

Being a mom is hard.  rewarding, fun, crazy and hard. being a mom is the best gift I've ever been given. in more ways than one.  even when I wasn't planning that little gift. :)

Nothing in me as a mom is worth being recognized for on a day like this.  I mean really.  There's nothing I can take credit for....except the struggles and the messy house....I feel like on a day like today, all I can do is thank God for my kiddos and for the strength He gives me to keep going, and for the forgiveness and encouragement of my little ones who love me regardless of my flaws, and for the husband who helps me be a better mom.  I thrive when I see that even though I fail and confess, my kiddos {and God} still love me, forgive me and hug and kiss me.  It helps me to try again.

Ann Voskamp says it well....here. I won't try to repeat what she says well.


I've never been so challenged in my life as I am in the every day life with a handful of littles....which is a big gift in itself.  I've probably never laughed so much every day either.  Or appreciated life so much. or quietly called out to the Lord for help that many times a day.....annnnnnd, if we're being honest here, sometimes yelling for help.  I need all the encouragement I can get....all the reminders of truth I can get.

I started printing out some of my pictures with little snippets of Truth on them to remind me of the most needed advice in my life....

LOVE never fails.



Love never fails.  NEVER.  God's way is Love.  HIS way never fails.  seriously.  If I don't believe that and choose otherwise, I don't believe Him.  I want to remember this every time I'm challenged to do something besides LOVE others.


give GRACE to others.  edify them.  Be grace to them.  Show grace.  Speak grace.

And speaking of Ann Voskamp, I must add that my need for these truths was brought to light mostly by her 1,000 Gifts.  of course.  what did her book NOT bring to light in my life?

So, I decided to share these with you as free downloads.  Maybe you other mommas need some encouragement...{or anyone of you who seeks to love others}....a little color of truth to your photo galleries or on your desk or fridge. or maybe you want to give them as a little gift.  A little framed picture, note cards, whatever.  See the "FREE Truth Prints" tab for the download links and more info cause my slowpoke internet is not letting me link up here!


As you can see, I'm changing up some things around this little blog {and working out some inconsistent kinks} and adding some pages of info.  I'm also adding a page to keep these pics.  They'll be under the "Truth Prints" tab as long as they are available. I hope to be adding more every month or so and have some different ideas for different styles I'm working on.  we shall see how that goes.


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