Organizing crafts and the Activity Room

aaah, can we ever just slow down????  Time gets away so fast.  I think I started writing this post 2 weeks ago!


I am always intrigued by how people organize their crafts and supplies.  Some things I have tried works, and some I just want to throw out the window!  But, that would just be another mess to clean up.  So, I'll refrain.

One thing that seems to be working pretty well is the soda box.  This one doesn't have any dividers built into it, so I could put in whatever I wanted.  I had lots of freezer boxes from my grandmother, and they were just the right height!

I like this because I can take out one box at a time of whatever we need.  Good for when you don't want those permanent markers out with the crayons!  But, what am I doing with permanent markers even accessible to kids??? good question.

{these shelves are a bit more organized here than in the other pics down below....}

Glass jars always seem to work pretty well, especially for lots of little putties...

and, well....I could've cleared off this desk for a good picture, but I honestly didn't have time or feel like it, so here's how it was.  Um, ok I actually did clear off a couple of things so you could actually see the soda box. Awaiting projects always seem to be lingering around, though and they stayed put.

I was stumped with this coke box for a while.  It sort of worked sitting on a shelf with little glass baby jars, but this is better for me personally right now.  So, I like it.

The metal basket was left in our barn and I painted it the brightest yellow possible, obviously and hung it on some screws.  you can't really tell in the pic, but it's still got some grunge shining through.

This post is so backwards.  Now, here are the full shots of the whole room.
these are some pics of the laundry/activity/storage/school room before I had organized....

It still has a lot of work to be done....caulking, trim work, windows, painting....all that fun stuff.  So ignore the unfinished stuff. :) and keep ignoring it because who knows when it will get done.

this is a view from the back door with the back door opened {in case it seems that door is leading to something else off to the left, it's not}.

LOVE that ceiling. it makes up for the popcorn ceiling in the kitchen. :) sort of.

and that bright yellow thing is an Ikea pot rack that I now use to hang clothes on. It desperately needs to be finished painting.....and that ugly brown chair needs recovering....and that floor needs to be tiled....and all the junk on the dryer and freezer needs organizing, and, and.... :)

I have a love/hate relationship with that turquoise painted concrete floor.  I love the color.  I love the concrete.  But, I hate the clear coat on top.  It bubbled up so badly on the day we put it on....the only day we could put it on that happened to be as humid as it could have possibly been on a hot July evening....and then the bubbles popped....leaving mean little open bubbles that attract whatever dirt they can find.  aaargh..  I hate them.  and they must be redone one day.  but not until I can't stand it anymore.  It needs a couple of more coats of paint on it and about 5 good layers of polyurethane!  And this is all mainly because it was an old concrete floor ~ used and abused with all its little character....not the nice, new flat and smooth concrete floors.  I'm sure those are much easier.
Regardless, I do love the concrete floor. the turquoise, holes and all, makes me happy.

So, enough about the floor.

The curtain lovelies were sewn with whatever fabric pieces I had that would make big squares to cover the ten thousand cubbies hiding all of our junk art/school/activity/home supplies. I left the top row open with books for a little change-up from the fabric. I had wanted to add some ruffled trim to the curtains, but who has time for that? :) I don't.  maybe one day.  great ideas, not enough time.

This is where our new bathroom will be.....within a couple of weeks!  We have a friend here who flew in to stay with us for a few weeks and work on a lot of projects with Matt.  Woohoo! Praise the Lord!  We are very excited.  A nanny for a month would be nice, too so we could both work and get all this stuff done! :)

Hopefully, there will be a little barn style sliding door here....needs to be because I think it's the only thing that will fit!  The entry floor will be tiled.  There were several possibilities for the mudroom and bathroom floor from brick to painted wood.  However, the choice was made for me after I stumbled onto some neutral large tile for 44 cents a square foot....I knew I needed to do that for the floors and shower.  I knew Matt's budget would want to do that.  So, I folded on all the other fun possibilities.

I'm learning to go with the great deals we find, even if they aren't my ideals.  I can hopefully make up for it with other accent tiles or whatever else works.  I'm just excited to get it DONE!



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