We snapped a little family photo on Mother's Day.

Cole kills me.  I love his sweet little smile and head on Daddy's shoulder.

and don't you love how fancy we are?? cowgirl boots with smocked dresses?


speaking of photos...

please excuse the horrible lighting!  I don't know what my deal is with inside pictures. {more on that in a sec}

I finally straightened up my living room enough to take a picture of the gallery wall {before we went camping, obviously}.  That was actually a couple of weeks ago {and thanks to my super momma, it's that clean again! thank you! After 3 weeks of intense working on the house, we left it in a mess and went camping.  Thankfully, Momma helped me tackle the disaster when we got back.}

I love this wall.  It makes me happy.  Besides the kids's faces from different ages, I like the mixing in of the scripture prints....the flowers on the right....the barn.  We pass that barn every trip to and from Missouri, and we just love it.  Reminds me of camp.

I basically just used whatever frames and displays I could find.

I've got some more pictures to print to put into the black window.

{In case you wonder...that's my great grandmother's quilt and my Papaw's trunk ~ you can see the corner~  as the bottom of the "coffee table" and some stranger's old suitcases I got a long time ago for $2 each.  the one as the table is holding children's books, and the one beside the couch is holding albums}


So speaking of bad lighting.... hopefully that will soon be a thing of my past.

{and in case anyone needs a good excuse to come visit me soon, here's a good one!}

My friend, Susan of Susan Hudson Photography is teaching a photography workshop in my home at the end of June.

I'm pretty pumped about it, to say the least.

Details coming really soon!!



  1. Crystal I love reading your blog! I always leave encouraged. Your family is beautiful and you are so talented with your work. Keep up the good job!

    1. Aw, thanks Michelle! You're so sweet and that means so much! I hope you and your family are doing well! :)