the messy process...

I'm so glad my laundry/activity room no longer looks like this....

It was a nightmare living in the middle of a construction zone.

everything out in the middle.  not so good with kiddos running around.

Thankfully, Lowes is very merciful and takes returns...even when the broken vanity is not their fault.
{more on that in a sec}

I've had a time with sinks in this little bathroom!

Sink 1:
Originally, we scored an amazing deal with a vintage style pedestal sink from Hudson's Building Supply in Hattiesburg.  However, it was just too big, and thankfully I was able to quickly resell it on our local FB swap page. so sad to see it go.

Sink 2:
Then, I found this little gem...

it was a little smaller, but still too big.

{starting to feel a little like Goldie Locks here}

Yes, I had measurements, but the measurements I hoped would work, just didn't work. 
If tall men could always do their business standing up, we wouldn't have a problem here with leg room and I could have my homemade vintage wood vanity, good grief! 

This was exactly what I wanted though!! {read with a big whiny voice}  I had plans to paint or stain it, cut out a hole for the sink and add a faucet, and a vanity it would be!

I maaaay be able to save it and make it work in the next bathroom overhaul.
{if Matt doesn't make me sell it and get my money back.  if so, anyone interested? :) }

Sink #4:
Then, we ended up getting the tiniest sink Goldi Locks could find!  We temporarily put it in, and I immediately wanted it to grow.  It was teeny tiny, although it may not look like it in the photo. It looked funny under the bigger mirror.

But, I knew I had to be content. It's what happens when your resources are low in this little town and it's last minute, and your budget's maxed.

Howeeeevvvver, sink #4 is the one that got left a little too far in the breezeway and got knocked over by two little girls....and Lowes forgave them and gave us our money back.
so we could buy sink 5 from them.

Sink #5:
Once I realized we had double of some shower stuff and I could return them, along with the broken sink, I asked Matt if we could then get the next size up of the sink.

sweet man got me the bigger sink.  
{I like to think it was sort of a reward that he obliged because I was only about to blow a gasket with the breakage of sink #4 for maybe 45 seconds, and some miracle happened and made me relax.  I knew I'd have to live with a crack in the sink and somehow I quickly became ok with that -probably because there have been many other things in this construction I've had to settle on "just living with" and throwing my perfectionism out the window...or at least trying to....or at least throwing my "pinterest vision" out the window. ha So, after the start of my gasket blowing ceased, we then had a great family talk about being too rough in the house instead of a yelling fit from mama. and then Matt said the magical words..."Maybe they will let us return it."  That had not even crossed my mind. I'm so glad because after looking at it again, many more cracks were found. And, while Matt was prepared to tell them it was our fault, they walked up to the Returns counter and Anna Jaymes blurted out  "I knocked over the sink and broke it!" Lovely.}

That's when they had gone back to buy sink #5.  However, our local Lowes didn't have any of the sinks in stock, so Matt had to drive to the next town over.  He got home with the bigger sink - only by 4 inches, but still!  He opened it up, and lo and behold, it was broken!  

Seriously now, this is getting ridiculous. on to sink #6...

I then had to call in a favor from my mom and grandparents to pick me one up at their Lowes and bring it that weekend.  They happily helped me out and even got me a little extra discount.
Discounts always make things a little better.

So, finally..... sink #6 was juuuussst right for little Goldie Locks.....

{you can tell the bathroom is almost done, and one day I'll explain the accidental white grout....
that must be done again :)  and let's not even think about why there's an electrical outlet right above the sink.}

so...a whole 4 inches wider remember, with a double door cabinet instead of a single door....and glass knobs I already had.
.... fits better under the mirror, too.
I really do like it, especially the shape of the sink.  Perfect for a small bathroom.
Yet, of course, I'm already wanting to paint it to change it up a bit, but that can wait.  
I'll be painting for years to come in this house.

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