Project 52:22

It makes me laugh that I am still putt putting along with this Project 52....22 down and 30 more to go!
I will not quit until it's done and a photobook is made!!!!  unless I die first, and that could very well happen the way this is going.

{sitting in a seat on the counter at my grandparents eating}

Anyway, these pictures would confuse me in 20 years with her wearing Anna Jaymes' old bib, so thankfully it's labeled.

This child is the funniest and messiest eater out of all my babes.  This mess is obviously a very mild case and does not even look like her normal messy, which is usually everywhere within a couple of feet....mainly because she just can't handle the excitement and is doing a gazillion things while trying to eat.  
kicking, sucking fingers, making faces, yelling, trying to turn all the way around, etc.

I can't handle the cuteness and I'm so thankful God made babies cute because it sure outweighs the big messes and sleepless nights and every other tough situation they cause.

We love our little Lulu!!!
she gives new meaning to "wide eyed and bushy tailed!"



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  1. Thanks for sharing pictures of the kids!! They are all so beautiful and sweet and I want to meet Lucy soon!! I can't believe she is 7 months old and I have never held her...Patty tells me how precious she is! Love you all,
    Sandra (BoBo)