Seriously so behind...

I am seriously so behind in this world.  It's quite normal for me to come to someone else's house and discuss the "news" in the world and hear myself constantly saying "what?!" "when did that happen!!?" "Oh, I didn't even know that was going on these days...our government is so messed up!"

Sometimes, it's good.  Sometimes, I need to be in the know.

So, these last several days being at my grandparents and mom's have been some eye opening days to what's going on in real life outside my little bubble of raising little kids day in and day out.

Anyhoo, that's beside the point.  I'm just pondering how "out of the loop I am" as I'm thinking of the music I wanted to share with ya. 

More importantly than what's going on in America, of course....I have obviously been out of the loop musically and have been missing some of the best christian artists.  So are the radio stations, though.  Why do they only play a handful of artists and songs?! So annoying.

Thank you Andrew and Susan for introducing me to All Sons and Daughters.  Seriously, get Spotify downloaded and listen to All Sons and Daughters.  {Have you heard of Spotify, too?} 
I am in love with this group's different type songs, I don't think I could ever get tired of listening to them.  Long list of faves, but Brokenness Aside has been speaking well to my soul lately.
....and Jon Foreman {think I actually did hear some of his before...maybe} :)

Oh, have you all been listening to them already and I'm the only one in my own little world?  Not surprised.  

And, I love it when I find an artist like Phil Wickham and think he's some new awesome singer...only to see his song I love so much has been out since 2007!!?  Seriously, I am so lame.

Just thought I'd share my new found loves. :)

and speaking of being behind....

Here's a little preview for you grandmothers of some pictures that were supposed to be coming your way back in April.....or Mother's Day would've even been good.  

the girls were just playing a little dress up and were happy to pose for some smiling pics.  I love them.  they make me smile, too.

this was in our back door with the evening light coming in {before there was a porch roof, so that now stinks}, and since they were in a door way with stuff way behind them, it was pretty dark.  I did darken up some light spots so it wouldn't be so splotchy, however.  



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