Homeschooling has begun...

Anna Jaymes was excited for school....
{until we sat down and started}

this excited little boy CAN NOT be still.  
it took a gazillion pictures for him to be still and not be blurry with my phone camera. sheeesh.


and that's only a small portion of the pics.

Oh, I love that stinker!

and mrs. grumpy....

She may not be excited, but she's a little smart one and picks up on everything.  So, she is being schooled even when she doesn't realize it. {insert evil laugh here} She loves learning, but has a short attention span!  So, we are going slowly with her and slowly finding what she's ready for.

One of our first attempts at a Charlotte Mason approach of school in nature... 

beautiful flowers....
until we came home and I left them out in the bucket and the puppies ate them. :(

We started school back during the week of Labor Day.  That week was an epic failure.

It has gotten better by far and we are finding our groove, thankfully...finding the balance between character training and education.

fun, fun stuff! :)



  1. I LOVE IT!!!! Those little punkin heads.....ooooooo....could just eat them up!!! Loved the part about the puppies eating the flowers! That keeps up, the excuse about the dog eating their homework may turn out to be true!!!

  2. I love it too!! Such cute pictures! Anna Jaymes does not look 5 about to be 6.... she looks 16! Oh my goodness the years are flying by!! Glad we are doing this homeschool journey together even though we are far away.... it's just good to know there is someone who understands what it is like!!