sweet faces...

The faces of Adolyn...

She definitely keeps us entertained.  Yet, she is so quiet sometimes....especially when she's thinking after she's gotten corrected or disciplined.  She keeps us on our toes because sometimes it's the quietness that makes me wonder.  what is that little sharp mind thinking?  I want her to have healthy ways of expressing her thoughts....instead of the mad, grumpy faces that come so easily and she feels most comfortable with. So, we have to probe and ask questions.  Not so much that way with Anna Jaymes. :) not at all.  She'll tell you freely what you want to know....and more.

Funny how different they all are and how they challenge us in so many crazy unforeseen ways.

I am so curious as to what this next baby will be like.  To be honest, up until recently, it's just been "a pregnancy" to me......a surprise pregnancy at that....and I've only really treated it as that, sadly.  Not until the past few weeks have I really been thinking about this as a new baby girl who's about to enter our world....another little person....an eternal soul.  I can't even imagine what another girl could be like.  another child.  and now, I'm so honestly excited to meet her and hold her.

and....her....what in the world is HER name??! we don't even know for sure yet, and my due date is tomorrow.  aaahhh

and while I'm excited to hold her, and welcome her to our family....I'm also a bit nervous. for many reasons.  a bit curious how I will embrace these next several months and years as my life is surrounded by crazy little munchkins who are needing to find their way in this life....depending on ME to help them. SO many depending on ME.  well, that's no overwhelming thought or anything.  just a big kick in the rear!


so....we do know one part of her name, probably the middle...


God's first response to me when I saw the pregnancy test was "MY GRACE is SUFFICIENT for you."

I can't even imagine what I would be like...well yes, I can...I can see the moments and days when I'm NOT walking in His grace. When I'm not abiding with Him.  I can see my failures. my imperfections.
Thankfully, He is always waiting for me.  waiting with GRACE.

When I am in His Grace and my hope is in HIM, HE IS sufficient.  His ways are sufficient and perfect.  HE will be sufficient to walk me through this.

sufficient to help them find their way in this life....despite my failures and imperfections.

I know, I know that...but it would be nice if I could at least remember this enough to get them through their years without a lunatic mother. :) it would probably help.

and thankfully, it also helps that He's given them a man who loves and follows God as their daddy to lead the way.  This is a huge part of God's grace in ALL our lives.

Alrighty, I didn't mean to actually ramble on with all my wandering thoughts....I wanted to actually share an article that my sweet friend Rachel sent me....in such a gentle, thoughtful way, trying not to insinuate that I needed it or anything. :) But, I do.  I always do.  Such a sweet read for you mommas, no matter what season you are in....

Are You Wishing Away What Someone Else Is Missing?



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