Libby Grace...


Libby Grace is about 2 and a half months old now, but here are her newborn photos I shot one afternoon!

While she had a little bit of bling {thanks Aunt Stace!} in a few pics, I mostly kept it simple {and now realizing she probably looks like a boy with nothing in that head full of hair}.  
I loved that she is lying on the quilt that one of her great, great, great, etc. grandmothers made, and I didn't want a lot up against it.
many generations pulled together here. 
that makes me happy.

I edited these in Lightroom a little, but then when uploading to the blog, the colors changed a bit, looking a little more orange-y than on my computer.  Do you know how annoying that is?
Not that you could probably tell, but I can. :)

Anyway, here's sweet pea...

As an amateur photographer, I just took whatever shots and positions she gave me.  
I didn't try for anything challenging, just different angles and positions.
I was learning a lot about light, too!

I took hundreds of pictures. ha but that's what it takes to get a handful you love.

 then added a couple of presets to try...



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