Love Has Won....

Do we keep on meditating on the gift of the cross and resurrection after Easter?

After an extremely hard afternoon with the three oldest kids, I needed some time and reminders of God’s goodness and love, along with some fuel for my weary mothering soul. This meant some quiet hours in the wee morning with only me, Jesus, headphones filled with some good music of truth, the scriptures and lots of praying….and a nice steaming cup of coffee - after I supposedly quit.  I did quit, except for then. 

God did a wonderful thing when He created music.  It can be such a beautiful thing, especially when it’s for His glory. I love getting lost in the music and focused on Him, letting Him use the words to speak to me and open my eyes and ears to things I may need to be reminded of....or to make confessions to Him through songs that reveal our sin....or songs that help me praise Him when I can’t find my own words because I’m speechless at His majesty and goodness, or I just simply do not know what to say to the God of the universe. go figure. Anyway, it’s just a beautiful form of “lip” worship from the heart {as opposed to “life” worship}.

So, all that to say….I got lost in this song as it was plugged in my ears and blaring away.  Just meditating on the beauty of what Christ’s resurrection means and ALL that it frees me from...and it simply solidifies one of my memory verses, Romans 8:11,

"But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you."

Letting this truth grow in my heart through songs, scriptures and what He is speaking to me is just mind boggling. I can't meditate on it enough. 

But, I continue to try.  His power in me that promises to "overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us" {Romans 8:37} keeps me going.  It is a new day.  

I mean, I wanted to seriously tie up my children to a tree and leave them there for the rest of the day. Child Protection Services, please do not come hunt me down, I did not do it, only considered it, but then was awakened by the severe consequences one could face if doing so.
Also, the same goes for me wanting to beat them up and down with a gigantic limb, which I did sarcasticly act out for them and they thought it humorous.  If only they knew how serious I was. At least it broke the ice a little, and thankfully, my sense won out on that one, too.
Then again, my attitude probably did worse damage than all of the above. 
Anyway, that's the point.  It starts with me.  My attitude worsened theirs and theirs worsened mine. 

I MUST continually be reminded of Him who dwells within me and the power Love has over sin, and surrender to that. The power within me is unfathomable.  He can do more than I ask or think {Eph. 3:20}.  He can help me overcome my flesh. He overcame the grave.

So, please, by all means…go plug it in to your ears or just turn it up loud…..enjoy and meditate on the beauty of this song and all the truth it represents…. 


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