a new sofa....

Libby started rolling onto her side recently.  I'm not sure why in the world it's so cute to me, but I love her chunky little legs just sort of hanging down to the side.  You can't tell, but she's also sucking those fingers! She's so happy she's found them.  I was trying to decide if she should just do the paci, but no, we are sticking to the fingers.  I'll deal with it later. .....sigh.....

a shot from Adolyn....
not too blurry and not too bad considering I'm with no makeup and seeing I'm in my nighties!
If it wasn't for them forcing me to take pics ~ even in non-opportune times as these ~ I would never hardly embrace the camera....especially like this.  But, it's probably how they see me most of the time and they need some real pics of real memories.

I started to post this pic and noticed they were drinking their smoothies on my new sofa!
Have they lost their minds?!!?!
Amazing the things that slip by you when you're trying to snap pics of the cute baby with all her fat cheek smashed into the couch.

and Cole in his manly Lighting McQueen undies ~ on backwards.....at least he wasn't wearing the pink hand me downs he so loves.

So, yeah, after two years of searching for a sectional sofa on and off, we finally got one after randomly checking Craigslist the other day.

It was quite the interesting saga.  It was one of the hardest decisions I've made in a while.  Seriously.  deciding about a sofa.  and it wasn't even about whether I liked it or not.  It was just such a weird process.

It was in north mississippi, two and a half hours away.  Yet, I didn't want that to deter me. I'm tired of not doing things because they aren't easy.  If I know I want/need to do something, I want to do it.  Comfort and ease no longer need to be a factor in my life.  Eva!

I had the time to throw me and three kids {the other two were elsewhere for a couple of days} into the van and take a little adventure. So, why not?

However, of course I did not want to drive that whole way only to find I didn't even like the thing.  So, I absolutely annoyed the seller with 1500 questions about it and prayed hard for God to show me if I was going to like it and to send me if I was supposed to get it. I kept feeling different ways about going...one second having a peace about it while the next second questioning. but, He finally confirmed it for me.

But, the hard decision making?

Mainly ~ our "neighbors" down the road in Louisville had just lost their homes, belongings, and much more and here I am going to buy a sofa!?  Was I doing the right thing?

So, then some soul searching began....

would I even send that money to them in Louisville if I didn't buy the sofa?  We had other things we could use it for. Yet, we didn't "need" it, and even if we did, I know God would provide more. 

What am I doing to help our "neighbors??" Am I ignoring the devastation these people just felt and will continue to deal with?  Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.

I even just drove through the city, though!  It's amazing what some wind can do.....just mind blowing {no pun intended}.

What are these people doing now? these businesses? these churches?

We could really use the sofa for more seating, considering we host bible studies and people in our home all the time, and that our family is growing {in number and physically} and we'd love something more hospitable and cleaner than the stained up futon that you can actually barely get up from because it slumps down so much. {a nonslip pad could probably help with that easily, but did we ever just get one? No. You can imagine how fun it was to sit on that 8 months pregnant. or ever.}

The sectional was a great deal, and it obviously wasn't new, but it was in great condition.  Who wants a new sofa when a kid or two are probably just going to pee on it soon anyway? or spill their smoothies on it when momma's too distracted??

Anyway, I decided to go get it.  and I decided to do something for our neighbors. 

Two years ago, when the last tornadoes came through and destroyed homes near us, we headed up a huge yard sale that actually ended up raising $6,000 {through sales and mere donations}, and we gave it to three families who God laid on our hearts and needed it. It's a lot for a yard sale, but not a lot to each family considering they were building a whole house and actually their whole lives again. Yet, maybe it bought them all new appliances or something.  So, when you look at it that way, every little bit helps.  Plus, we all need a good purging in our homes and could surely find some great things to sell.

My motivation was, and is now....

"And all those who had believed were together and had all things in common;
and they began selling their property and possessions and were sharing them with all, as anyone might have need."
Acts 2:44-45

So now, I think we shall do the same again.  I'll share more soon, but I've already been encouraged as God has already begun showing me who we can help and how to do it.  I have vision and hopes to raise much more than what we did last time.

So, after much decision making, misunderstandings, a last minute sleepover at Matt's parents' house on the way, a sleepless night with a sick toddler, the paranoid seller thinking I was a scam and threatening that the couch had sold {but I knew better and convinced her that I was normal. ha}, and a long drive there and back driving a big van and a utility trailer, we are happily home with our new big, comfy sofa.

it was not easy. and not that I "just had to have it." I was really neutral actually.  I just felt I should do it.  So, I hope I did the right thing. :) So far, I feel it was worth it.  and it sent my mind spinning for our neighbors and got me up and ready to do something for them....not out of compulsion, but a serious self-check of the heart and what I am or am not willing to do for others.  because i was obviously willing to do a whole heck of a lot for myself and a sofa!


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