Diamond Dawgs Discipleship, part 2

It's hard to believe it's been a year ALREADY since our team was headed towards the college world series this time last year!

A LOT has happened since then.

After Matt's little article on discipleship with the team went viral last year, he decided he'd write a little update now for the readers. That first little story led to a lot of different happenings this year.  God brought so many neat people into our lives through it that have blessed us in many ways…..it also just blessed us to see God bring his children together in unexpected ways in order to fulfill His work and His plans.seemingly strangers that shared our hearts' desire in seeing God work, who now we would call friends.  SO cool.

So, here is his update….

Saturday, March 8th 2014 may not be a date that stands our for you, but for Bulldog fans there was something significant that happened…after starting the first 3 years of his college career 18-0 Ross Mitchell took his first loss.  Later that night I got a call from him and my first thought was that he may be disappointed about the loss and need some encouragement.  His voice on the other end of the phone was anything but discouraged, instead it was full of excitement.  You see one of his teammates, that he had been praying for, asked if they could meet that night and talk about the return of Christ.  “Do you have 30 minutes to explain to me the book of Revelation and the return of Christ?” Ross asked me.  “Well I’ve got 30 minutes but I’m not sure we can get it all in.” I replied.   So we just talked about the high points, how crazy the end times will be, and that while there are many interpretations about when, where, and how, one thing everyone can agree on is that Christ will return and some will be ready and some will not.  After getting off the phone with Ross and telling my wife, Crystal what was going on and praying for everything, Crystal said something so true…” Of all the days that God could have given Ross to have this time with his teammate how good of God to give it to him the day he got his first loss of the field.”

As we know God's timing is always perfect and this time last year God put it on my heart to share all that had been going on behind the scenes with our baseball team.  The run to the National Championship game, coupled with social media’s ability to share my story to thousands, instantly connected myself and so many of the players to our fans that already knew something was different with many guys on our team.   I honestly had no idea 

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