Just some pictures...

well....I embraced the camera from a friend and got in a pic with little Libby!

I had just been to the salon {did I just type that?}.  I hardly ever make it to the salon.   So, my hair was SUPER straight {and darker in this pic}.  Libby Grace could've gotten her own appointment for a wash and cut already.  Geeesh! Isn't that hair crazy?   All my babes come out looking like they came from the salon ready for their meet n greet to the new world!  However, here she was still in her nightgown. Who has time to dress the baby? not me.

Couldn't you just eat her up????

Why do we want to bite and chew on kids?  Isn't that just weird?

Cole says "No, you can't eat me! I'm a boy!!"  Ohhh, but I can.

And since we are traveling today and only have access to my phone pics, here's some other recent photos while I'm thinking of it ...

They are way beyond ready for summer and time to play in the water! When else do you ever see them all excited and smiling and ready for the camera at the same time?

And oh how I love sleeping pictures and how sweet they are. And how serene the moment actually is....and that I can slow down and enjoy the beauty of a child's face and memorize their young little features. It is few and far between. Love

And the opposite of young...I love the generations together. My 95 year old Papaw and 90 year old Mamaw...adoring possibly one of the last great grand children they will see before leaving behind their legacy. Oh I can't even think of it...I love them so and am so beyond thankful for the many wonderful years I've had with them! 

And shame on me for going to visit my sister this weekend and not taking any pictures of us all! They at least snapped a few with their phones.  Mel, please send me some!!


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  1. Goodness Libby looks just like Anna Jaymes!! Hope ya'll are having a wonderful time!!