my new blog….arise and tell...

Well, friends….

God has been up to a lot in my heart and mind lately.

Actually, this has been on our minds for a long time now, at least a year.

the blog is switching gears a bit. I'm switching gears.

When I began this blog, I had many ideas, and the vision has changed as my heart has changed over the years.  God has straightened my course and drawn me into Him.  seeking what HE wants and not only what I want.

Not that I wasn't seeking Him in the first place for this blog, but for a while, I was still only seeing what I wanted or thought He wanted.  I guess my vision was a little blurry.or maybe the emphasis was just wrong....or maybe it was all right on this journey to where I am now.  I don't know.

I have always loved the sayings….

"I once was blind, but now I see…"

"I once was lost, but now I'm found…."

and now I personally feel…

I once was sleeping, but now I am waking.

God is awakening my heart and soul to all the areas that have been numb or asleep to Him….
areas that I've had no desire to really awake.  Yet, I must….areas that I've tried to awake, but haven't because I was trying in my own strength.

But all must be awakened now...

for His pleasure, for His glory, for my eternal good….I must awake.  

and I'm ready!

It's like maybe, in all areas of my life, I've been laying my cards out on the table for Jesus and saying….

"Here you go.  Play them as you please."

While all the while, I'm actually saying….

"Oh but wait, let me have this one back."
"Or let me just have part of this one at least!"  
"Oh let me just look at that one.  leave it there, don't really take it!"
"Can I just hold on to this side of this one while You hold the other side?!"
"Can I tell you what I think would really be great for this card?!"

and sometimes I just forget that I've given Him a card and I attempt to play it myself.  {That will be an ongoing surrender}.

But now…..I lay them all out.  

I confess that I have not trusted HIM with every single card.  I've been scared and controlling.  I've been blind to where I've been holding on.  I've been deceived.  I've been distracted.  

I've been comfortable.

But now, I lay them all out.  

and I 

back away and bow down.  

saying "You show me what you want to take and show me what to do next. They are yours to play."

This is going on across the board in my life right now… 
and I don't want to turn back.  God is faithfully speaking to me.  Showing me the cards I've held onto, gently asking for them, and encouraging me along the way.
in mothering, being a wife, ministry, my spiritual giftsevery area.

and this affects my blog.  It is time to change.  time to hit the road running.
have much writing I've been doing and want to do.  But, I write sometimes and then don't publish it.  Yet, I have much on my heart that needs to be shared. 

"Blossoms and Vintage" is becoming "Arise and Tell," a title that has been on mine and Matt's heart to use for our children and whoever else God wishes us to share our hearts with.  It will encompass more of our whole lives than "blossoms and vintage" has.  B and V will actually transform into a section of arise and tell….eventually (well, hopefully!).  

I know the writing will be mostly mine, but it will hopefully also be a place for Matt to speak into some.  I will share his words along with mine.
{UPDATE: I guess it would help to explain that "arise and tell" comes from psalm 78:6...more on that to come!}

and actually…not a lot will change, considering this blog has been evolving slowly over time anyway, through the little bit of times I've actually written!  It's just time to change the name, look and feel to go along with the direction it's going.  All of the past content will still be here.

(the address of blossomsandvintage will still redirect for several months)

So, WOOH!!! here it goes!  I'm excited, yet scared…..seeing all that God is showing me to do.

I don't know exactly how this transition will go with the blog physically, we shall see!  Hopefully, it will be an easy fix and the change will go smoothly.  So, things may be a little quirky for a week or so because I'm doing it all mySELF.  eeek!
I hope you stick around with me! :)



  1. Crystal, love your blogs!! Last week I couldn't access Blossoms & Vintage and got so upset! You are such a sweet, thoughtful young woman of God and I love your insight. Your sweet children are so blessed to have you and Matt as parents and grow up in a Godly home. Hope to get up there soon and see you!! Love you, Bobo
    p.s. saw your comment about Libby's hair...funny and true

    1. Bobo, you are so sweet! Thank you so much for your encouragement...it means so much!! and I'm glad you like reading! :)