Shall we say the harvest is here?!

We've been at the grandparents picking blueberries!

My momma has already picked her year's supply and so many more await the pickins'!  yippeeee!!

My patience is being tried as I just want to pick all the ones that are already blue! However,  papaw waited until this year to finally inform us to leave them until they're fat, plump and almost black.  That would've been good to know before paps! However, you are 95, so you're forgiven for leaving out that minor detail…I wondered why mine weren't as sweet and big last year.  I thought you picked them whenever they turned blue, so I picked away last time….cause that's what we do around here…pick the fruit and veggies before the birds get em…so I was clueless….oh well.
Tis' the year to be patient for some yummy fat and sweet blueberries….

I had some little helpers….

When I wasn't reminding little hands to not pick the green ones, I found myself praying parallels.
{I can not, for the life of me, recall what book it was that inspired this type of praying~ some book for mommas and praying parallels in whatever circumstances you're in….like doing laundry and praying for God to help you sort through things in your life…yada, yada, yada… maybe "Finding the Me in Mommy??"}

Anyway…..praying for Him to show me the harvest He has for me…praying about branches in my life that need to be pruned….praying for Him to ripen what needs to be ripened!
I didn't even read that book, just heard about that part and it has stuck with me and is so encouraging to remind me to "pray without ceasing" {although I could continue to use help in this!}. There's always something that can spur our minds and hearts to turn our gaze back to Him.

And, afterwards, Adolyn made blueberry juice for her blueberry party. :)  What was really yummy though was blending up some berries and mixing them into the vanilla ice cream really well.  YUM!



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