doing hard things…

So, recently…around the time of the new sofa, I just realized I AM TIRED OF NOT DOING HARD THINGS.  I'm an emotional person, not gonna lie about it, and that's good with me.  Yet, I am so tired of letting my emotions or the way I feel physically keep me from doing what I want and/or need to do.  How much in life will I miss out on if I continue this way??!  Just a waste to live that way…a WASTE I tell ya!

So, anyway, I had sort of made this statement or understanding between God and myself.  I'm ready for hard.  I'm ready for whatever You want…whatever You call me to.  Maybe this was around the time I read Jennie Allen's book Anything, too….that would make sense.  I can't remember what I did yesterday, much less the details of 2 months ago. Did I write a review on that book, yet? I don't think so….neeeeed to though.  Life changer for myself.

Ok, so here we go....hard things.  I mean this perspective can really get you going!  I could really tell a difference, too, especially in the beginning…little nudgings to do seemingly hard things that I typically would've just written off as good ideas but not followed through with.  I actually did them. I felt the satisfaction and the elation of being in God's will and depending on Him.  

I actually started a couch to 5k running plan....talk about hard, it's hard just to fit that in a day's work! I'm probably supposed to be done with the 8 weeks now, but I'm on week 6, and that's better than week ZERO!!!  

Of course, you know I can't do these hard things on my own….only in Him.  That would be a joke if I meant on my own, and flat out consistent failures. Of course, I mean in Him.

So, as I was beginning this new readiness for hard things, and being all pumped up, God gently asked me….what if it's hard things you don't choose?  

Hmm, well, I felt deflated a little bit.  I guess I need the same excitement and willingness for those…taking joy in the trials {James 1}, being excited about the growth and closeness with Christ that can come from hard things I don't choose.

Well, one of those hard things I would not choose is for Matt to go out of town for a week, leaving me alone….with little children…..eeeek!!! Insert me grasping his legs, screaming "doooon't leeeeeave meeee!!" Jussst kidding….only in my mind do I do that. ahem.

I know this is one of the most minor hard things I could face right now, but still.  It can be hard.  He leaves this Saturday.

...and I was starting to get pouty and frantic about it this week.  I was a little relieved thinking I could go visit grandparents or something….then disappointed when I realized we are about to have puppies any day now, so I don't need to leave. pooh.

The funny thing is that he's actually taking Adolyn and Anna Jaymes, only leaving me with 3. But, it's the 3 youngest.  Plus, I just found out this morning, Cole will go see Nina for several days. {thank you Nina!}.  That leaves me with only 2 for part of the time!

You mamas with 2 wonder how we do it with 5, yet I'm scared to go back to only having 2 or 3 little ones!  My older ones are my helpers.  You don't realize how much great help a few extra little hands and legs are! 

Regardless, God is renewing my mind to seek Him. to give thanks. to make the most of this opportunity.  to be blessed in the days with only the little ones, soaking in my precious time with them. It may be tiring, but it will be blessed, even when it's hard.  the hard will be the most blessed. Did I mention it will be tiring?  Thankfully, not only can He renew my mind, He can make me soar like eagles. {Isaiah 40:31} I can look at this week with boldness in Christ and not shrink back in fear or petty discouragement of being a little tired...or exhausted.

Meanwhile, I'm so thankful for a husband who has the flexibility this summer to let me go to the coffee shop for some spiritual renewal and time alone.  He is so good to me…truly looking out for my needs and desires.  

929, I will miss you next week and when the semester begins soon after....our days have been sweet.....your lattes, and mostly coffee (because, let's be honest, who could or would need to afford a latte every time?), have been good to me to provide this sweet time....just a small investment for all of the beneficial time it's been.

This summer has been such a good time for us as we've had opportunities to be spiritually refreshed and refocused to jump back into full ministry soon.  I can't believe it's almost over, though.  When school starts back, I will be tempted with this same fear of busyness and tiresomeness.  So this is just a little preparation period. So thankful I'm not 

Here's a toast to soaring like eagles next week! 

and a beckoning for your prayers!



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