just some summer pics....

I'm still transitioning the blog and some things may be a bit off for a little longer.  The email subscriptions haven't been updating like they should for a while, it appears....I apparently write too much in my posts.  ha

And speaking of long posts, the blog has been lots of words lately without many pics, so time for some summer photos...

Whether rain or shine, summer's been in full swing around here.

The bonus to blogging is that editing and putting these pictures in templates helps me prep for a photo book at the end of the year!  Once this is done, all I have to do is then slap it on the page...and that makes me all smiles.

the kids are wimps, as am I, when it comes to being outside in the heat, so we make good use of the rainy days when we can.

We got a membership to the county lake this summer..."the beach" as the kids say. 
  We average at least once a week there, and it's a good little treat for them.
Libby thought she was going to hate it, but found she actually likes napping in the breezy shade. 
I'm a little jealous.  wish she could watch the kids and let me nap on the beach.

smoothies and cowgirl hats....

That Lucy Jayne...I can't handle the cuteness.  I adore capturing the little details of their baby faces.  Those are the things I want to remember.  They change so fast....and we can't hear that enough.
I always need to be reminded how fast it goes.

This picture of Adolyn's side makes her seem so old....so tall!! She is growing like a weed.
As hard as these days are with so many littles, I am watching them quickly pass by, and it's quite the bittersweetness.  I look forward to new seasons, but miss them being babies.

and Libby, what can I say...little girl's starting to love her feet just like every other baby I've ever known...
I just want to soak up all her baby-ness.

and her hands...I had to move her away from me in church so I could get a hold of myself from not laughing at her licking her lips and drooling while checking out her hands.  

These girls love their little sisters....




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