luxuries and entitlements….{part 2}

Recently, Anna Jaymes and I were talking about expectations…something we'll continue to talk about more and more so she can get a firm grasp on them….because she is one that yields great expectations and can react "strongly" when they are not met. :) just like her momma has had to learn, and continues to learn, so must she!

{She definitely has a deep side.}

So, it's making me see how much she needs to learn what's actually hurting her….not the circumstances, but her expectations that are seeking wrong sources of joy and happiness instead of finding those things in Christ….and her need to be a little more laid back and flexible, or rather let's be real....it's a need to die to oneself.  Hello!  It's the journey of us all, but it starts, or needs to, in the beginning.  Let's just go ahead and call it what it is, child and start now...dying.   You will thank us later. 

I found myself tongue tied and praying for wisdom as I explained expectations to her….kind of hard to paint this picture for a 6 year old, but she's starting to get it.

{She also has a light, hearty outgoing side}

As I talked and explained it more {um, basically dummed it down as much as I could}, it all began to resonate more in my own heart! ha, of course.

….you can ALWAYS have expectations to find joy and peace in Christ.  You can ALWAYS expect Christ to be LOVING and CARING for YOU, to be working for your good, to be faithful to win in the end, and in the total end, you will be perfectly happy and comfortable in His presence one day in heaven.  Look to Him, Look to the end.  Look to eternity.  Keep your eyes set on Him {Heb 12:1-2). And that helps you find your total happiness and comfort in Him NOW.

You can expect no more in this world….we are entitled to no more.  All is a gift....and what we are entitled to in Christ is certainly a gift.

If only I could always find my hope, joy and comfort in Christ alone, not comforts in this luxurious culture we live in….hope and expectation in Him that HE loves and cares for me and THAT should bring me joy always, bring comfort to my soul even when my body is breaking or my heart is aching. 

Even when I am faced with anger or bitterness because something did not go my way. I can stop, find my expectations in Him to be true, and more worthy to focus on. I can die to myself and my own expectations and desires. I can know that it will all work out in Him.

I would never be let down.

Knowing that He holds every moment.  As I love Him, He will work every moment for my good. {Romans 8:28)  It will all work out for His glory.  He will never let me down...never change.  That should trump all circumstances...all disappointments, fears and failures.  That should carry steadfastness in my heart and mind.  It should penetrate my whole being.  It should always be only Christ.

Especially knowing that this world is far from perfect...other people are far from it...they will all let us down.  Our sinful selves will let us down.

"But You are a God ready to forgive, gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love." Nehemiah 9:17b

Now THAT kind of God is worthy of expectations for a happy, blessed and full life...and it comes IN Him, no matter the circumstances! 

Oh, if only our hearts and eyes were in a steady gaze on Him…how we wouldn't notice as much when things fell apart around us or in us.

May our expectations be found in HIM and may it all remind us that we are entitled to nothing.  All is a gift from this wonderful God as He is the only one worthy of expectations. THAT'S what I want them to understand.  That's what I want me to understand!  Not to expect these things should be theirs, whether it be material items or emotional/relational issues. The blessings are not entitlements.  The blessings are only ours when we die to ourselves and place our expectations on Him. As HIS child, we are entitled to His love.

now to keep explaining it and {depending on Him to} live it out for some kids 6 and under and myself….ohhhh dear.... :)



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