Why the new name....

Why the name Arise and Tell?

Basically, I needed a fresh start, a new focus, a new name that correctly depicts why I write.  Because while I will still post about anything vintage that deems itself worthy, I wanted something less narrow than "blossoms and vintage," and well, I think "arise and tell" is just perfect.  It basically states the obvious of why someone would do a family blog, but I like it.  It's our driving motivation in so much we do....and it fits in this little blog world, too.  It's the force behind it all.  

Psalm 78:4-8

We will not conceal them from their children,
but tell to the generation to come the praises of the Lord,
and His strength and His wondrous works that He has done.
for he established a testimony in Jacob
and appointed a law in Israel,
which He commanded our fathers
that they should teach them to their children,

that the generation to come might know, even the
children yet to be born,
that they may arise and tell them to their children,

that they should put their confidence in God
and not forget the works of God,
but keep His commandments,
and not be like their fathers,
a stubborn and rebellious generation,
a generation that did not prepare its heart
and whose spirit was not faithful to God.

Not that we all have to start blogs in order to tell our children of the praises of God.....but being a truly forgetful mama and writer at heart, it's the best fit for myself.  In addition to needing to teach them the Word and all the wonderful truths and principles and stories it entails, I want to journal the stories of our lives for them to really know where we came from and how God has turned our lives upside down in the redemption of His faithful and merciful love. I want them to see our journey. 

They can learn from the bible stories, and they can learn from their own stories.

I want them to see what we spend our days doing. 
even if it's just training them to sit still on the couch....
{although they do NOT always look so happy in training....and are usually not snuggled up so close....if so, they would all kill each other....and we have so far to go, by the way!  We should've started this when Anna Jaymes was the size of Libby!}

{and how he got them to be all smiles while all looking at the camera, I have no idea.}

Anyway, I continue to learn....all is a gift of grace.  

recognizing it in the days and journaling spurs on more thankfulness.

I want the truths I'm continuing to learn to be all spelled out for them. As they get older, I want this to be our legacy we have for them to see.

At the beginning of 2014, I knew I would tell my story this year.  Oh and that feels so silly to even type that!  What is there to share?! Why is my life any different or special enough to spill all the beans and smear it across a public web page for the whole world to see?!!  I truly don't know, and if I allow myself to go there enough to keep questioning it,  I'll talk myself out of it.  But, I can't do that.  For however God wants to use it, I know I will share it...and all that continues to come from it here on out.  So, I will start at the beginning soon, go through the past and continue on with the present and the future....and it will be good.  good for me.  good for them.  and hopefully good for others.

I once asked God to help me forget things....and He did....amazingly.  But, He didn't want me to leave them behind forever....and now it's time to remember some things so I can share.  When we can handle them, it's good to remember so we can use them for good in others lives' and that's what I want.

We all have a story to share, unique and extraordinary to ourselves.  There's so many reasons I want my children to know all of me.....to be thankful for God's tender redemption....to not be quick to judge others because you don't know "their stuff," you don't know why they are the way they are or where they came from.....to see the struggles young parents face and how we have to fight fiercely to beat them and only in God's strength can we do it....to see God's faithfulness in hanging on to us, even when we don't hang on to Him.....to see that their whole lives are their ministries, but their family is the first part of that ministry.....to love people more than this world.  I could go on and on, but I'll spare you for now.

All of this for them...yet, it's not only for them.  

I know there may be others who can be encouraged by hearing my words. I know it can build community, and I know this is an outlet God wants me to use my spiritual gifts in.  I know there's other family who want to peak into the everyday lives of their little grandchildren, nieces and nephew. I know there's supporters who want to see what we are doing in Project 2:2 and the baseball ministry. I want to write more about all of that.  I want to write about all our life encompasses.

All that to say that Arise and Tell comes out of the desire to pass this all on to our children as we tell about God's goodness in the happenings of our lives, and meanwhile I hope it can bless others.  This is the greatest motivation for me.

so there you have it in a nutshell!



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